‘Can we be better?’ Little supporting Creech

Editor:I would like to take a few moments to share my support for Rodney Creech in the upcoming County Commission election.

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Lewisburg mayor supporting TCN school issue

Editor:As the Mayor of Lewisburg, I am writing to support the Tri County North Issue 11 levy.The success of the village and surrounding community goes hand in hand with the success of the school system. A strong and viable school system will have an impact on retaining and luring new jobs to our community. In addition, the quality of a school system has a direct influence on our property values. People want to buy homes where they know their children will have an opportu...

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Willis supporting Deem for Rep. Central Committee

Editor:This primary season the various political parties are electing their central committee members who are the backbone to the party in the counties and state. I am a life long Republican who, like many conservatives of my party, have grown more and more concerned that the party is not reflecting the conservative values of individual freedom that are guaranteed in the Constitution and indeed reflected in the Republican Platform of 2012.

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Cox supporting Winteregg for Congress

Editor,Like many citizens of Preble County, I have long supported John Boehner. Since the 90s, I have voted for him every time his name was on the ballot, walked in parades, carried signs, gone door-to-door, made phone calls, and talked with friends in support of him, believing that he was a true conservative voice, who would well represent me in Congress, as well as follow the Republican platform, of which I am in full agreement. For a time, that was true; but I am sorry to say th...

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Neavin supporting Creech for commissioner

Editor:As a fourth generation resident, Rodney Creech has inherited and demonstrates the values of Preble County. As a Twin Township Trustee, Rodney understands government on the most local of levels; where leadership is about taking providing service for one constituent at a time, and then duplicating that effort over and over again. As a business owner who is a Preble County success story, Rodney understands the relationship between customer service and the growth of the enterpri...

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‘Yes’ vote encouraged for TCN income tax

Editor:The Tri-County North Local School District has a 1 percent Earned Income tax levy on the May 6 election ballot. As the parent of two TCN students, I would like to encourage a “yes” vote on the levy. A few facts which merit support of the levy:This is the first time funds will be raised through an Earned Income tax. The funds received this way come from only income earned from wages, salaries, and other employee compensation. For example, on an annual i...

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Support NT income tax on May 6

Editor:Fellow residents of the National Trail Local School District: please join me May 6 in support of the income tax renewal! Voting yes will not raise our taxes. Voting yes will allow National Trail to maintain the excellent level of student achievement that is being achieved today.

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Writer: support NT school income tax renewal

Editor:Fellow parents and neighbors in the National Trail Local School District: please join me in support of the income tax renewal that will be on the ballot May 6, 2014. Voting yes will not increase our taxes. Voting yes will keep our school funded at current levels.

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Writer supporting TCN income tax levy

Editor,I grew up in a small town and went to a small school similar to Tri-County North, and I want my children to have the same experiences I did.We recently moved to Lewisburg so that we could have that small town/school feel. My children are still young, but already involved in many extracurricular activities such as; cheer, softball, soccer, art programs, music programs etc. We will vote yes for the Tri-County North School levy because I want my children to grow up i...

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White: ‘Art of self-promotion alive and well’

Editor:I was looking at the letter to the editor from Nick Kostandarus Sr. supporting David Wesler. Nick mention David’s attendance, too bad his attendance is not as great on a local level as it is on a state level. Imagine — someone from the Akron area telling us how to vote?

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Obamacare ‘devastating’ to Medicare

The president’s health care law continues to wreak havoc on the seniors, families, and small businesses in our area – the people who make our corner of Ohio so great.The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that 122,000 people living in the Cincinnati region alone rely on the Medicare Advantage program. Nationwide, that number is in the millions.And because of ObamaCare, those seniors are paying higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs, as well as losing their doctor a...

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McQuiston supporting Wesler

Editor:I am pleased to write this letter in support of David Wesler for Preble County Commissioner. David has proven himself to be an effective leader and has brought many positive benefits to Preble County. His experience, ability to network, and build relationships has made him instrumental in securing nearly $1 million from Ohio’s 2014 Capital Budget for Preble County.David has always been, and will be, committed to making Preble County a better place to live an...

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Protecting your future: stopping credit report errors

Your credit report has an enormous impact on your financial future. Banks, credit card companies, and employers all reference credit reports when they decide whether to make a loan to a potential customer or offer a job to a prospective employee. That is why it’s critical that credit reporting agencies maintain and provide accurate credit information about consumers.

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ODNR to recognize conservation leaders in agriculture

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is accepting nominations to honor Ohio farm families who are leaders in conservation for the 2014 Conservation Farm Family Awards.“Many Ohio farmers are committed to conservation, and we want to honor them for efforts they have made to protect Ohio’s natural resources,” said ODNR Director James Zehringer. “With these awards, ODNR is able to recognize farmers who have taken extra steps toward protecting the land...

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The Horse and His Rider

Spring is a great time to check out the Big Dipper and...

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By Justice Paul E. Pfeifer

On November 6, 2007, Anthony P. Capretta was elected to...

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