Honoring Our Vow to America’s Veterans

In recent weeks, hundreds of Ohioans have called or written about the critical need to fix the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system and ensure that our veterans are receiving quality healthcare without long delays. The great majority of VA employees are dedicated to serving their patients, and many are veterans themselves, but the wrongdoing of a few has tarnished the VA’s reputation, and underscored the need to address existing problems with the claims backlog, the suicide r...

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Pieratt family says thank you

Editor:On behalf of the Steve Pieratt family, we would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the 6th annual “Ratt Race” on Saturday, July 12.We had approximately 130 participants this year. Thank you to all our volunteers who help the race run so smoothly!

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Skills gap still exists

There’s a skills gap in our country that is preventing unemployed Americans from filling available jobs. Legislation I authored is going to help close that gap.

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PCHS says ‘thanks’ to supporters

Editor:On behalf of the Preble County Historical Society, I want to thank the Preble County Community for its response to our Old-Fashioned Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, July 6. The event is a huge volunteer commitment and we are so happy that the community responded with such enthusiastic participation. Over 65 volunteers celebrated with over 3,000 participants throughout the day and evening! It was a great turnout and celebration!

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Obama has ‘circumvented’ the American people

Over the past five years, President Obama has circumvented the American people and their elected representatives through executive action, changing and creating his own laws, and excusing himself from enforcing statutes he is sworn to uphold.We’re not going to sit idly by while this president chips away at the very foundation of our democracy, which is why the House is now initiating legal action to compel the president to follow his oath of office and faithfully execute the ...

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All-American made flags

As we celebrated Independence Day last week, Americans took time to honor and celebrate our great nation. One way we can continue to express our patriotism is to support American workers and businesses.That’s why I introduced the All-American Flag Act, which requires American flags bought by the federal government to be produced entirely with American-made materials. Right now, the federal government is required to purchase flags made from only a minimum of 50 percent America...

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Township gives thanks for help with tornado siren

Editor:The Gratis Township Trustees want to extend our appreciation to Dave Anderson at the Preble County EMA, Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Thomas Electric Services, Bill and Sharon Bates of Tri-Mac Manufacturing, Gratis Eagles, the village council of West Elkton, John Cassidy, and Glen Deaton, for their contributions and work in securing and installation of our new weather/tornado siren located at the West Elkton-Gratis Twp. Fire Station.The old siren was over 60 ...

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Helping Ohio workers receive the benefits they deserve

To cut costs, some employers cheat the system by misclassifying their employees as independent contractors. Though the vast majority of employers are honest, the ones that aren’t deny their employees vital worker safeguards and avoid paying their fair share of Social Security, unemployment insurance, and income tax.

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New EPA rule is ‘nuts’

When I heard about the president’s new EPA rule, I said it was nuts – that’s because it is. The proposed rule would force new federal bureaucratic mandates on states and energy suppliers that will be passed directly to American consumers, causing energy prices paid by families and small businesses to, as the president has put it, “necessarily skyrocket.”The president is blocking American energy production and waging a war on coal, and this national ene...

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Lessons from the public records audit: 10 years after

There’s good news for Ohio citizens in the results of a statewide, county-by-county public records audit that was conducted by more than 60 Ohio media outlets in April under the auspices of the Ohio Coalition for Open Government.But you shouldn’t get too excited. Problems with open records in Ohio are deeper and more complicated than ever. Let me explain why.

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Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

WASHINGTON, DC — On July 2, 1964, Congress completed what many consider to be the most fundamental and consequential legislation in our long history, the Civil Rights Act of 1964.And as our nation comes together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bill’s final passage, many will rightly recall the names of those who stood in the face of violence and injustice during the civil rights movement, so that every citizen – regardless of race, color, religion, or nat...

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Acts make way to Congress

Over the past couple of weeks, two bills that I authored passed both houses of Congress—the Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Act of 2013 and the World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2014. Now both are on their way to the President’s desk for his signature.

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