Graduation decision still a sore subject for some

By Megan Kennedy

March 18, 2014

The Eaton Board of Education met Monday, March 10, and heard even more comments from the public regarding this year’s graduation, and missed school days.

The Board heard from various visitors who wished to voice their opinions regarding the decision to move the 2014 graduation ceremony to Millett Hall.

Jeanie French, an employee of the Eaton City Schools and parent of a graduating senior, addressed each member of the board. To Lisa Noble, French said, “You were my biggest disappointment.”

Reading an email from Senior Class President, Sam Chrismer, French reiterated her opinion of graduation being held on the football field. “We will get our graduation back if it takes the next four years. We will vote you out, and when we do, we will get our graduation back,” said French.

Charity Loranzon also spoke regarding graduation. Loranzon quoted previous Board meetings and reiterated her concerns of how the decision to move graduation was made. The decisions were “mistruths” according to Loranzon, and “the power this Board has is concerning.”

Loranzon also issued a public records request for warranty contracts with the turf company, which she read at the meeting. “I’m just curious as to who runs this school district, you five board members, or our superintendent who we pay for it,” said Loranzon.

Other guests spoke regarding the decision. Ultimately, the board’s decision to move the ceremony to Millett Hall remains the same.

“The advantages and disadvantages of the three sites, the gym, Millett Hall, and the Stadium were considered as well as the input from the community from phone calls, emails, and personal discussions around town. After weighing all the facts, and information that was available and elimination the emotion of the situation, the board decided by a 4-1 vote to have the graduation ceremony in Millett Hall. A decision we believe is in the best interest of all who are involved. The contract has been signed, and the board is standing by it’s decision to hold the ceremony at Millett Hall … hopefully this will be a start of a new tradition for graduation,” said Terry Parks in a prepared statement.

In other business:

  • Superintendent spoke on behalf of missed school days due to snow days. The topic was considered between ECS principals, however no decision was made.
  • Donations were received by the administration, which include an iPad mini from the Bruce Elementary PTA to the Elementary and gloves, hats, and scarves from Silfex to Bruce Elementary. “I can’t remember many times in the last two years that I’ve been on the Board … that we didn’t have at least one donation for every meeting we’ve had and we really appreciate the fact that people do donate to our schools,” said Parks.

  • The Board of Education recognized students athletes including the high school’s girls basketball team, as well as the high school’s wrestling team for becoming 2014 SWBL Champions.