Boehner: We’re holding the President accountable

March 18, 2014

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following column.

“As the weeks go by, I’m receiving more and more calls and emails from people in our local area sharing horror stories about their experiences with the president’s health care law.

“Whether it’s families seeing their policies cancelled, seniors losing access to their doctors and other benefits because of ObamaCare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage, or higher premiums for small business workers, people can’t catch a break.

“People like Tracy from Hamilton, a wife and mom of four who is just trying to do the right thing for her family, but - thanks to ObamaCare - the cost of her family’s insurance has doubled. Knowing her family’s plan would spike, Tracy started researching her options in December so she would have her family covered. As the process unfolded, Tracy was bounced around between the ObamaCare insurance exchange and Medicaid. Now, months later, she has been told to resend all of her financial documentation and start over. In the meantime, her family with go without insurance.

“Then there’s Nancy from Hamilton, an 81-year-old whose access to care has been hurt because of ObamaCare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage. Nancy isn’t alone: more than 50,000 seniors in the 8th District rely on Medicare Advantage for their health care needs, and the cuts to Medicare Advantage under the president’s health care law leave them vulnerable to losing their doctors and benefits.

“These are the same concerns I heard a few weeks ago when talking to friends and neighbors at our annual 8th District Farm Forum in Piqua. A small business owner told me, ‘We recently had to make the decision to stop providing health care to our employees due to ObamaCare.’

“Even the President knows the law is broken - why else would he be bending the law and re-writing portions to accommodate his political agenda?

“But the president can’t just ignore parts of his laws that he doesn’t like. While he started the year by bragging that he’s ‘got a pen and a phone’ and that he plans to double down on unilateral action, I remind him that he also has a Constitution, and he doesn’t get to decide which laws he’s going to enforce any more than Americans get to decide which laws they’re going to follow.

“That’s not what the framers of our Constitution envisioned, and that’s not what the American people expect. That’s why we’re working to hold the President accountable, while at the same time urging him to work with us to scrap his fundamentally-flawed law and start over with better solutions to make health care more affordable.

“In the House, we recently passed a series of bills aimed at addressing the American people’s growing concern about White House overreaching.

“That’s not all. We also went after the president’s health care law, voting to delay the law’s individual mandate tax and extend the same basic fairness to all Americans that the president has granted to big business.

“And we’re far from finished. I know Ohioans are not going to let the president quietly get away with his unilateral actions, which is why I’d like to hear from you. To share your stories with me, please visit or call my district office at (937) 339-1524.”

Boehner represents Ohio’s 8th District, which includes all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami, and Preble counties, and the southernmost part of Mercer County. He was first elected to Congress in 1990.