Around the ‘burg

With Janet & Judy

March 18, 2014

Hello Lewisburg! Spring is just around the corner!

Snow last week, sunshine the next day, and spring arriving on March 20. It just can’t get any better!

The grass is greening and the yards look horrible. All that winter wind pushing anything not nailed down around the world. Do you believe that I am just getting excited about mowing the grass? I know, after all the mower stories last year that it is hard to believe that we said that. but, it is back to nature for us!

Pay it forward

Lewisburg lost a dear friend last week who was very close to our hearts. Sarah Barker, a teacher who taught school for 45 years within the Tri County North district went home to the Lord after suffering with cancer. Sarah would not give up. Teaching with Sarah during the eighties, I shared the same teaching philosophy about our kids. Sarah taught third, fourth and fifth grades. Think of all the lives Sarah taught. Forty five years times at least thirty students in a classroom equals 1350-1400 students. That is how many individual lives she touched. She decided that when the grandchildren of her students started at Tri –County, it was time to retire. I agree with her!

Sarah’s infectious laugh and smile was welcomed by many. It didn’t matter the age.

Sarah filled the hearts of many community folks around Ware’s Chapel. After retiring, Sarah became very active in learning of the needs of the folks around her. The food bank or “The Underground” began sharing food and clothes. Young children were in competition to help Sarah carry the food items to the basement each Sunday. “Fill the Backpacks” was started. One hundred school pack packs were given out this past August completely filled with grade level school supplies. We have seen Sarah shopping for those supplies. Many homes are having daily meals because Sarah stepped forward and took the lead.

Folks dear to Sarah’s heart shared their stories during the memorial last Thursday. Ty Williams, the former Ware’s Chapel pastor, stood with tears in his eyes and recalled the special stories of the Sarah that we knew. Ty, a young pastor in seminary, wanted to end his sermon washing the feet of the congregation. When asking Sarah, she smiled and said, “Go for it! It might make some feel uncomfortable or angry but they will get over it. Go for it!” In her weakened state, Sarah along with Ty washed the feet of the congregation. Ty and his wife Holly now live in Troy, Ohio where he is an assistant youth pastor. He was just so grown up. Sarah used to laugh and say that he was wet behind the ears but she knew that he would grow up! He did!

Judy shared that when Craig was in third grade, he just didn’t want to go to school The first day after getting off the bus, he ran to Judy and said, “Mom, I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow. “ When she asked what had changed his mind, he said, “I have the most beautiful teacher in the world!” She was just as beautiful on the inside.

Sarah belonged to a “Survivors Showers” club. Some of the members survived mammograms, gall bladders, hip replacements, knee surgeries and the best: Colonoscopies. They held showers for those who endured one of the before mentioned surgeries. Rather than celebrating new babies or marriages, they celebrated their ailments. Isn’t that cool? I hope somebody asks us because Judy fits right in there. Oops!

Sarah endured cancer and kept the fight. There were very few “down” days. Those around her knew when she had had enough, but Sarah hadn’t been told. Through her struggles, she still came back to her community, her church and made them better places to be. Sarah, we will miss you but know that you are getting things in order up there! We love you!

On a happier note

Wednesday, March 19: Neighbor Night Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church Meals served between 5-6:30 p.m. What a meal! We haven’t been able to attend because of school but it is time to come down from the mountains and partake.

Thursday, March 20: Spring arrives in Lewisburg

Sunday, March 23: Attend a church of your choice. Family Day

Upcoming happenings

The Tri-County North Community Association is looking for suggesting as to what family friendly movies you would like to see this summer. If your movie is chosen, the winner will receive a free snack. If a movie is chosen and it is suggested by more than one person, it will be the first entry received that is awarded the free snack. The deadline to submit a movie is April 4. Entries should be returned to Brenda Gullickson or to the Lewisburg Village Office. Suggestions can also be sent to the email address which is or let them know on the Facebook page. Movies in the Park will begin in May.

April 12: BINGO Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church Doors open at 6 p.m. and BINGO at 6:30 p.m. Daubers are available and food will be sold. Children under 18 are not permitted. That is the real reason that we don’t attend. We are just too young.

Watch for the new Community Center grand opening which will open soon. The date will be announced very soon.

These are the days of our lives

What do you do on a cold, snowy Saturday evening to break the monotony of winter? Go to the World’s Toughest Rodeo. We did and can’t wait now for next year’s event. Michelle’s first response when we asked if she would like to go was predictable….”Go ahead, I’m not going.” Then she saw the commercials on television…bull riding, saddle broncs, bareback riding, clowns (still not going) until the ad came on for a monkey named Whiplash who herds sheep on the back of a Border Collie. That was all it took to change her mind. We had a really great time and she is now preparing our Border Collie, Sadie, to be a sheep herder. She even puts a stuffed bear on her back! Unfortunately, we don’t have any sheep.

We met the 2013 Rodeo Clown of the Year during the free pre-show. We had no idea how dangerous it is when there is nothing between you and a raging bull except a wooden barrel. Not only is he brave, he was pretty easy to look at, too! (As were all the other cowboys.) I was thrilled because they had a women’s barrel racing event so I could see first-hand how the pros do it. When I texted my granddaughter, Stori, in Texas, she was pretty impressed that Grandma was at a rodeo. She is a pretty good barrel racer, too, and was really impressed by the winning times.

Things that make you wonder

While shopping last week, a gentleman asked for cold medicine for his wife and the young clerk asked him the year he was born. He replied, “65”. The very young clerk looked him straight in the eye and asked, “Would that be 1965?” He didn’t know how to handle the question, but he answered it graciously, while looking at us with a “do you believe this?” grin on his face. I don’t think I was ever that young or naïve, but who remembers?

In closing

One never realizes how short life can be until someone from our age group passes. It is time to have fun and enjoy! Lewisburg is the place to be! There are lots of neat happenings coming within the next month. Our village may appear to be small but you just haven’t been to the heart of the village.

There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place. Thanks for bringing us home with you. Until later, we will see you Around the ‘burg!