Deaton signs to play at Ohio State

By Megan Kennedy

March 18, 2014

National Trail High School senior Kate Deaton signed her letter-of-intent to throw shot-put at The Ohio State University Tuesday, March 11, surrounded by family and friends.

Deaton, who has been longing to attend OSU, finally signed doing what she loves, where she loves.

Also recruited by The University of Michigan and Miami University, Deaton ultimately chose OSU not only because that is her dream university, but the school offers the major she is interested in, Agriculture Education.

“I’ve always had a dream of going here, and lately it felt like I was kind of getting told where to go, just because of the fact that that’s who wanted me,” said Deaton. Ultimately, the decision was hers to follow her dreams at OSU.

Her goal for the end of the track season this year is to reach 150 feet in distance, just roughly 13 feet short of her soon-to-be teammates at OSU.

“I have a lot of work to do to get there, but that’s the goal,” said Deaton. The left-handed thrower is determined to rise to the top, both on the field, and in the classroom. After college, Deaton strives to be an agriculture teacher.

While Deaton wasn’t always at the top of the game, as she is now, she attributes her determination and success to God. “Starting off when I was a freshman, I was pretty average, but towards the very end, on the last meet of the year, I figured out I probably had something special,” said Deaton. “After that, we worked hard, we went and took some special lessons and everything and it just kind of took off from there, and here I am today,” Deaton said of herself and her coach, John Lickfelt.

In her coach’s eyes, other student’s haven’t had nearly as much success as Deaton, however, “I’ve had a couple that had the potential, but didn’t want to work. But, I remember her as a freshman saying she wanted Ohio State. That was her dream, so I think it’s awesome that her dream got realized. I think she’ll be very successful because she knows the work she has to do for it, and she’s not afraid to do it,” said Lickfelt.

Deaton also participates in basketball and volleyball, but says she prefers track the best. However, when Deaton isn’t on the field or on the court, she’s busy leading the local FFA chapter as president.

“John got me started, and he’s always belived in me and knew I could do good things, so with that encouragement, that really helps,” said Deaton. “I’m just extremely blessed and all the glory goes to God.”

Coach Lickfelt said of Deaton, “I’m very, very excited for her. She deserves it. She’s put in the work on the track, weight room, classroom, she definitely deserves it … It’s like all the chips fell in the right place for her, and I wish every student athlete had that happen for them.”