Around the ‘burg

With Janet & Judy

March 25, 2014

Hello Lewisburg!

Spring is finally here! Driving past Janet’s dad’s house this week, we were thrilled to see the side yard covered with crocuses. Now if the cold temps will just go away, everyone will be in a much better mood. We kid about barely surviving dark, gloomy days, but in reality, we all need the sunshine to power up our “solar cells.” I am definitely ready to complain about the heat.

What’s happening in Lewisburg?

Wednesday, March 26, Neighbor Night at Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church, 5-6:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 30, Attend a church of your choice

Upcoming events

The Lewisburg Community Center is nearly complete and then the BIG OPEN HOUSE will be announced. Watch here for details.

The Easter egg hunt is rapidly approaching. I wonder who will find the Easter Bunny this year?

BINGO April 12, Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church: Doors open at 6 p.m., and BINGO begins at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments and lots of fun to be had. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dauber, someone will sure find one for you OR take a crayon.

The Circus is coming in July. Stay tuned.

Happenings around the world

The Winter Olympics kept many of us tuned in to the television. BUT, we happened on the Paralympic Winter Games also held in Sochi, Russia. Maybe this interested us because we work with this population and support the Special Olympics. Every night was awesome!

The United States won the Ice Sledge Hockey match. Fifteen and sixteen year olds participated, along with the adults. Veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan were encouraged to suit up and play. Their only support was a board looking like a skateboard with one blade on its underside. Many times, the players were knocked over like the childhood Weebles. They rolled over to the other side and started again. Instead of hockey sticks, they carried and propelled themselves with two shorter sticks.

We were also interested in the Alpine skiing. Three classes participated: those who could stand, those who had to sit on a ski board and blade and those who were visually impaired. A husband guided his wife down the slopes by skiing in front of her. When asked how she followed him, she stated that cologne worked every time. It was stated that many of these folks “couldn’t see past the raindrops”! That added to the difficulty of the event.

Michelle loved the Wheelchair Curling. She watched it faithfully. The Biathlon was amazing. Not only did these athletes have to complete the grueling cross-country course seated on a special raised sled that was propelled with ski poles, they had to topple themselves over to the ground, calm their breathing and steady themselves while they fired at targets with a high-powered rifle.

Not to take anything away from our Winter Olympians, this group of para-athletes provide hope and inspiration to all who follow their meets. They are the epitome of a “can-do” attitude. We need to remember their determination and heart the next time we consider changing our course because “it’s just too hard.”

What are the latest challenges J&J have faced?

Sometimes the most normal routines can catch you by surprise. For instance, on our regular drive from school to home this week, within a one-block distance, on a narrow neighborhood street, a lady opened her car door just as we approached, a male (won’t call him a gentleman) backed out of a driveway in front of us, and at the corner of the block, another car ran the stop sign in front of us. The lady who could have lost a door gave us a single finger salute, the man backing out of the driveway used a totally new gesture that we’re still trying to figure out, and the stop-sign-runner merely smiled and went on. They say most accidents happen within a few miles of where you work or live. I told Janet after all of that, we need to find a new place to work!

On a lighter note (really, it’s a darker note), after church service last week, Janet went into the Ladies room to do what ladies do. There were two women talking together at the sink and she said hello to them and proceeded to the far stall. Well….apparently the other ladies forgot Janet was in there and, following the directions on the door which said, “Please turn light off when you leave” , they left Janet literally “in the dark”. She waited expectantly for them to realize what they had accidentally done, but no one came back. After several minutes, I went to check on her. My first question…”Why are you sitting here in the dark?” Lesson learned, make sure someone knows where you are at all times. It’s a long time between Sundays. Janet notation: I was scared to death to open the door and come out. I was afraid of who I would scare if they turned the light on and couldn’t find the door handle to even try. I just knew somebody would check on me. If not, I would be ready for the next service!

Pay it forward

We completed our state tests this week and started Monday with Parent Conferences. It is so humbling to meet the parents, know their circumstances and yet, see them trying to parent their young children. I often ask myself if I did everything that Michelle needed to support her during those times. Is there ever a time that we fulfill all of their needs? Those in primary, intermediate, high school and even college and graduate school, parents stand behind and urge them to do their best and be the somebody that they want to be. Grandma Aukerman did laundry to make sure that her children could “be all that”. Her children did the same for their youngsters. It is something that we were taught at a young age, but today’s parents need our support to stand tall and make those decisions. Times have changed! This Pay it forward says thank you to all parents who have helped their children in the past and for those who have children in school today. We, as teachers thank you!

In closing

What a week! Cold, warmer, colder, windy. Every day is a new day! Just as the weather changes, so do our needs. We are so blessed to be part of the Lewisburg community. If you don’t believe that, check the past articles. When there is a need, an event is held to help out.

There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place. Thank you for standing beside us and sharing your laughs with us. Our purpose in writing these articles was to see people laughing. Life is just too darn short to have to worry about tomorrow. Until next week, we’ll see you AROUND THE ‘BURG!