Lewisburg mayor supporting TCN school issue

April 15, 2014


As the Mayor of Lewisburg, I am writing to support the Tri County North Issue 11 levy.

The success of the village and surrounding community goes hand in hand with the success of the school system. A strong and viable school system will have an impact on retaining and luring new jobs to our community. In addition, the quality of a school system has a direct influence on our property values. People want to buy homes where they know their children will have an opportunity to get a great education.

Mr. Derringer and the TCN Board of Education have been good stewards of the revenue they have been given over the past 6 to 7 years. Unfortunately, some of the revenue sources have been eliminated or drastically reduced. This levy will allow them to at least maintain a level of services necessary to ensure a quality education to the children in our community.

The Village of lewisburg and the surrounding school district is a vibrant and proud community. This is not an accident. We are made up of people that look forward to a bright future for us and our children. Please support the Tri County North School District and vote yes for TCN Issue 11.

Patrick Putnam, Mayor