Willis supporting Deem for Rep. Central Committee

April 15, 2014


This primary season the various political parties are electing their central committee members who are the backbone to the party in the counties and state. I am a life long Republican who, like many conservatives of my party, have grown more and more concerned that the party is not reflecting the conservative values of individual freedom that are guaranteed in the Constitution and indeed reflected in the Republican Platform of 2012.

I am endorsing Lois Deem for District 5 Republican State Central Committee. She lives in Lewisburg, is a member of Fairhaven Community Church, a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother who as a programmer analyst, retired after 26 years providing computer services to public schools in the surrounding counties. She has the quiet drive and persuasion to support the 2012 Republican Platform which includes her values- belief in a constitutional republic, individual rights, faith and family, free enterprise, economic freedom, balanced budget, safe neighborhoods, good schools and more. She is running for this office because of her determination to hold the Republican party and their elected officials to their own platform and ultimately the Constitution.

Local precinct candidates running for Preble Republican Central Committee who have the same values and determination to build the party based on the 2012 Platform and conservative principles include the following: Eaton 4- Patricia Eshleman, Harrison West- Sandra Slade, Lanier SE- Gerald Cornett, Somers East- Larry Johnston, Somer West- Linda Reece, and Washington E- James Allen McCray.

All of these candidates are ready and willing to work for you to strengthen the Republican Party in your state and county. I would appreciate your consideration in voting for them.

Barbara Willis