Public records



Christopher B. Washington

Preble County Clerk of Courts

Beverly D. Bolser and Jerry L. Bolser, petitioners, dissolution granted.

Jamie L. King and Anthony S. King, petitioners, dissolution granted.

Melissa Stevens and Daniel Legg, petitioners, dissolution granted.

Laura Deaton and Joseph Willeford, petitioners, dissolution granted.

Eaton Municipal Court

February 2017 report

Bertha Kalil, Clerk

The following cases were filed in the Eaton Municipal Court in the month of February: 72 criminal, 15 DUIs, 300 other traffic, 54 civil, 47 small claims, 14 felonies, 19 new garnishments, total: 521

Traffic/criminal distribution: to the City of Eaton, $45,923.24; Preble County Auditor, $11,672.27; State of Ohio, $20,371.40; other agencies, $153. Total distributionof fines and costs: $78,119.91.

Civil distribution: to the City of Eaton, $12,029.71; to the state of Ohio, $1,901.79.

Contested cases traffic/criminal division: 97

February 2017 Title Dept. Report

Christopher B. Washington

Preble County Clerk of Courts

ATV, 12

Ambulance, 0

Bus, 1

Golf Cart, 0

Manufactured Home, 9

Motor Home, 28

Motorcycle, 43

New Car, 67

New Pick Up, 25

New Truck, 5

Off-Road Motorcycle, 0

Outboard Motor, 10

Trailer, 27

Travel Trailer, 148

Used Car, 727

Used Pickup, 249

Used Truck, 55

Van, 13

Watercraft, 16

Total: 1,435 titles

Real estate transfers

Jeanne Creech

Preble County Recorder

Steven Jay Reed, Jana Elaine Reed, and Keith Darrell Reed to SJK Farms LLC, lots 14 and 15, Verona, and 196.622 acres, Harrison Township.

Louis L. Driggs IV and Jeffrey T. Driggs to John J. Pence, 11.839 acres, Somers Township.

Dan R. Johnson, Chad D. Johnson, and Steven L. Johnson to Amy D. Eversole, 45.862 acres, Gratis.

David E. Anderson to Moore Development LLC, lots 1582, 1167, 1166, and 1165, Eaton.

William E. Janney and Glenda K. Janney to Brandon W. Perry and Jack W. Perry, 16.037 acres, Gratis.

Roberta D. Hartley to Christopher Hartley, lots 1413 and 1416, Eaton.

HCP Properties LP and HCRA Properties LLC to Heartland of Eaton LLC, lot 133, Eaton.

Heartland of Eaton LLC to Eaton Gardens Real Estate LLC, lot 133, Eaton.

Brian A. Pope to Elizabeth A. Pope, lot 1549, Eaton.

Stonegate Mortgage Corporation to Richard McKinney, lots 1374 and 1375, Lakengren.

Steven A. Maynard to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1 acre, Gratis.

The Eaton Church of the Brethren trustees, Kent Hamilton, Stan Hicks, and Mark Yeazel, to GHCOL LLC, lots 83 and 85, Eaton.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust Trustee, Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, and ALTA Residential Solutions LLC to Andrew S. Bekemeier and Megan A. Bekemeier, lots 65 and 72, Gratis.

Richard D. McKinney to James B. Myers and Kayla L. Myers, lot 1195, Lakengren.

Mark D. Wesler to Paul W. Wesler and Susan E. Wesler, 80.649 acres, Jefferson Township.

Remona Fay Tucker and Harold Eric Trucker to Dylan F. Mann, 6.398, Gratis.

Timothy Martin Cole and Elizabeth M. Cole to Joseph W. Guthrie and Catherine J. Guthrie, lots 863 and 865, Lakengren.

Jayne L. Oswalt to Raymond Richardson, lot 13, Scenic.

Judith A. Thaxton and The Thaxton Family Revocable Trust to Steven M. Chrismer and Julie D. Chrismer, lots 2170 and 2171, Lakengren.

John M. Pierce to GWP Enterprises Inc., 27.658 and 10.01 acres, Jefferson Township.

Lawrence F. Huelsman and Margaret L. Huelsman to Sondra Lee Sucher and David L. Sucher, lot 280, Deer Run.

John C. Goad to Steven D. Goad, Brett R. Goad, George G. Goad, Lessia K. Dilley, April K. Brewer, and Ross M. Goad, lot 1, Gratis.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Sage Acquisitions to James Scott Baker and Sheila Baker, lot 417, West Alexandria.

Jacob T. Angle and Rachel Angle to Chad Walker, 3.024 acres, Jackson Township.

Viola J. Taylor to Gary Wayne Brooks and Patricia Brooks, lot 168, Eaton.

Kelsie Qvick and William N. Romine Jr. to Zachary Ferrell, lot 3, Brewer.

Gary Rodefeld, Annette Rodefeld, Larry Fink and Carol Fink to William D. Wiley and Penny S. Wiley, lots 1806, 1807, and 1808, Lakengren.

Roger L. Masters and Pamela M. Masters to Rhonda F. Ervin, lot 21, Preble.

John E. Ferguson and Lynn I. Ferguson to Rhonda F. Ervin, lot 818, Lewisburg.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Department to Edward Kieth Queen, lots 12 and 13, Preblewood.

Opal Jean Jay to Carolyn A. Leeds, Thomas Doran, and Donald Kelly Doran.

Carol Sue Skiles and Kenneth E. Skiles to Troy A. Skiles, .812, .36, and .36 acres, Monroe Township.

Daniel S. Smith and Sharon D. Smith to Robert D. Napier, lot 2274, Eaton.

Arvil Dean to Rinda I. Kirby, lot 5, Green Lawn.

Rodney K. Hillard to William D. Marker and Thea L. Marker, lot 719, Lewisburg.

David M. Ashworth and Lisa D. Ashworth to Robert R. Ashworth and Nancy B. Ashworth, lot 1682, Eaton.

Chad Rigsby and Jade Rigsby to Tara Johnson, 39.511 acres, Washington Township.

Donald C. Singleton Jr. and Kimberly S. Singleton to Winson L. Wagner and Rebecca J. Wagner, lot 255, Lewisburg.

Marion L. Correll and Deborah L. Correll to Richard E. Ewing and Jutta G. Ewing, lot 18, Lewisburg.

David M. Gulling and Jobe C. Hickey to Taryn L. Hickey, 3.169 acres, Harrison Township.

Diana L. Killen to Thomas W. Stevens and Marcey Stevens, 2.805 acres, Harrison Township.

Wells Fargo Bank Trustee and Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to Terry A. Hendershot and Linda Hendershot, 1.11 acres, Gratis Township, and 10.890 acres, Somers Township.

Kathy M. Clapp to Sheena L. Moyer, lot 235, Eaton.

Melinda S. Pegg to Roger D. Campbell and April M. Campbell, lot 1172, Lakengren.

Kenneth R. Ward and Jennifer L. Ward to Ross Marks, 3.88 acres, Somers Township.

Franklin Howell Jr. to Mark A. Howell, lot 149, West Manchester.

Stanley Cole Jr. and Karen I. Cole to Melinda Pegg and Rance A. Pegg.

Daniel Stevenson Jr. to Kenneth Kidder Jr. and Barbie Kidder, 64.901 acres, Somers Township.JP Morgan Chase Bank to John W. Asher and Lori A. Asher, lot 1452, Eaton.

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