PS BOE discusses stadium bleacher replacement


CAMDEN — The stadium bleachers at Preble Shawnee will be replaced following the upcoming spring track season — as long as the PS Board of Education can get SHP Leading Design to agree to a set amount of $15,200, instead of adding in additional fees.

The board has been discussing replacing the bleachers for several months now, having found them unsafe and realizing that upgrading them would cost the district more than the replacement due to the current bleachers not being ADA compliant. The issue came up again during the board’s meeting on Thursday, Jan. 4.

“We have been patching where the steel structure meets the dirt. A lot of the steel supports have rotted over the years. They started patching them over 10 years ago,” board member Gary Rader said. “Then we have the whole issue of the insurance wanting us to add in the back kids so kids don’t fall through the bleachers. To me, it is a lot of money, but just to spend money to patch it again? We can’t do that.”

“The other issue is getting prices on just repairing, we checked with our legal council, because we were afraid about our ADA compliance. The current bleachers are not ADA compliant, we have those little bleachers to the side. If we start making significant renovations or repairs to the bleachers, then we would have retrofit our existing bleachers to be ADA compliance,” Superintendent Matt Bishop explained.

“When you added that expense onto what it costs to renovate, that cost would be very close to what it will be to replace the bleachers all together. If we didn’t have to do the ADA compliance, there would be savings to just repair the bleachers.”

The district received three quotes for architectural services related to the replacement of the bleachers at the stadium. They requested that the following services be performed:

•Review the existing stadium bleachers.

•Perform building code and accessibility analysis.

•Prepare schematic design and layout options for new bleachers for owner review.

•Prepare construction drawings and specifications for bidding purposes.

•Distribute bid documents to contractors and plan rooms.

•Review contractor bids, conduct scope review meeting with contractor.

•Prepare AIA contract for construction between 0wner and contractor.

•Review shop drawings and contractor submitals.

•Assist with submitting for building permit by contractor.

•Review and approve contractor’s application for payment.

•Conduct periodical site inspections as necessary.

•Conduct final inspection and prepare punch list.

•Assist with any warranty issues within warranty period.

The lowest quote came from SHP Leading Design for the amount of $15,200. Once approved, they will begin preparations for the bid for the project, overseeing the bidding process, and presenting the winning bid for approval. The replacement will begin as soon as the spring track season is complete and will continue through the summer.

However, board member Bill Crawford pointed out the cost of $15,200 did not include “reimbursable expenses.” The second lowest bid was from VSWC Architects for $16,500, which Crawford was afraid would be lower than SHP after they added in their fees. He suggested adding the language of “not to exceed,” thus making the price set.

The board had to decide whether they wanted to vote on the resolution with the suggested amendment or to table the issue. They decided to amend the resolution and see if SHP will be willing to set their price at a firm $15,200, but if they are not willing, the board will come back to the issue at the next meeting.

By Kelsey Kimbler

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