Damaged Fort St. Clair bridge replaced


EATON — The Garrison Branch Bridge damaged by a fallen tree earlier this year has been returned to Fort St. Clair following extensive repair and completion of a new foundation.

City of Eaton Public Maintenance crews, with the help of C&C Crane, had moved the damaged bridge from its home in Fort St. Clair to the city maintenance facility where it could be repaired indoors. On Thursday, Sept. 15, the reconstructed bridge was hauled back and placed on a new foundation poured earlier this month.

A new walkway from the parking lot to the bridge is also going to be added, according to Public Maintenance Supervisor Daniel Gray.

High winds in April brought down the tree which damaged the replica double-barreled covered bridge spanning Garrison Branch in the park.

The 25-foot bridge was built in the early 1990s and provides access to Fort St. Clair park’s playground area.



R-H Staff

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