PC Auditor shares county financial update


EATON — The Preble County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday, Oct. 5, with Preble County Auditor, Lavon Wright. Wright provided her fiscal report for the month of September, and gave her opinion on the potential of transferring funds from one fund to a more accessible location, to be used in case of emergency.

According to Wright’s report, during the month of September, General Fund receipts totaled $1,262,729.16.

Sales tax revenue for September totaled $670,796.52 from July 2022 sales. Local taxation came in at $242,443.05, charges for services at $200,148.25, interest at $69,624.20, and fines and forfeitures at $3,887.87, Wright noted.

The 1-mill conveyance receipts totaled $16,056.20 and there were no expenditures for the month.


September, 2022 General Fund disbursements totaled $1,295,445.63, according to the report.

Salaries, Public Employee Retirement System and Medicare disbursements for September were $855,522.01.

Transfers for the month included $20,379.50 to EMA, and $21,000 to OSU Services, totaling $41,379.50.

Advances not paid: June 3, 2020 — $267,500 (from Sewer District 6), Nov. 17, 2020 — $30,000 (from Sewer District 6,) April 5, 2021 — $74,166.50 (from Sewer District 6,) June 14, 2021 — $238,134.57 (from Sewer District 6,) and Aug. 10, $120,341.49 for a total of $700,142.56 to be paid back to the General Fund.

Wright also explained to the board the Sewer District 6 advances could be left unpaid for several years, though it is not preferable. Currently a resolution is in place which would see the $700,142.56 advance paid back in full into the General Fund, even if it were in smaller increments, unless the board were to vote otherwise.

Total expenditures included supplies ($35,291.13,) health insurance ($103,296.18,) contract services ($194,502.16,) utilities ($13,292.12,) and training/travel, advertising/printing, and other expenses ($25,371.64,)


The county’s General Fund began 2022 with a cash balance of $8,943,589.65 and ended the month of September with $9,786,826.02, according to Wright.

2022 vs 2021 Comparison

General Fund receipts for September 2022 were down by $58,575.16, according to Wright’s report. Sales tax went up $41,467.52, charges for services went up by $76,474.78, and interest was up $58,054.49.

Expenditures for September 2022 were more than what they were in 2021 by $44,426.86. Supplies were up by $5,951.55, contracted services were down $47,461.92, other expenses were up by $13,398.08 and equipment was down by $68,327.89, according to Wright.

Commissioner Rachael Vonderhaar inquired of Wright how funds would be transferred from “Fund 179,” in case of extreme circumstances, such as natural or economic disasters. As of this time, no amount can be spent from Fund 179 as it is an Managed Care Organization tax fund, even in extreme situations. It would first need to be appropriated, then moved into the general fund, which would require a board majority vote, according to Vonderhaar.

Wright noted, whereas transferring money from Fund 179 into the general fund was at the discretion of the board, she did not advise it. Currently, the inability to spend funds from Fund 179 acts as a “cushion” according to Wright, and protects the money from accidental expenditures.

Vonderhaar stated she simply wanted to eliminate the “extra steps” to accessing the funds in the case of emergency. The board unanimously expressed their unwillingness to use the funds for anything other than worst case scenarios.

The board has made no decision regarding Fund 179. This discussion was ahead of board budget meetings which are quickly approaching.

By Nathan Hoskins

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