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EATON — With winter officially beginning on Wednesday, Dec. 21, and weather forecasts calling for some snowy precipitation and high winds in a pre-Christmas storm, City of Eaton Public Maintenance Supervisor Daniel Gray is reminding the public to help make clearing the streets easier during winter weather events.

There are a number of ways to help snow removal crews, including:

• Delaying non-essential travel until after roads are cleared.

• Removing vehicles from the street when it snows.

• When clearing your driveway, don’t throw snow in the street.

• To avoid shoveling driveway entrances twice, wait until the plow truck is finished plowing the street. Plow truck operators have no choice in where to push the snow. Snow has to go to the side of the road — which includes driveway entrances.

• When driving, don’t pass a snowplow.

• Don’t assume the plow operator can see your vehicle. Every truck has blind spots which reduce visibility.

• Allow plenty of stopping distance during winter weather.

• Add extra time onto your trip. Don’t be in a hurry.

• Keep headlights on low beam.

Eaton’s snow removal crews and others from across the county came together last week for “Snowfighter” training with the Ohio Department of Transportation, where the “Snowfighter’s Handbook” was reviewed.

Did you know:

• Every winter over 115,000 people are injured and over 1,000 are killed on snowy or icy roads. Clear roads protect lives and important commerce.

• Snow and ice control is often the single largest cost item in a maintenance budget for streets and highways. But, the economic impact of snow-related closures far exceeds the cost of timely snow removal.

• At 30 degrees Fahrenheit, one pound of salt will melt 46.3 pounds of ice… but at 0 degrees, that same pound of salt will only melt 3.7 pounds of ice.

For more information regarding safe and sustainable snow fighting, visit
City of Eaton Public Maintenance shares tips, info

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