Perry Township land annexation approved


BROOKVILLE — Law director Rod Stephan informed council the Montgomery County Commissioners approved the annexation of approximately 113.562 acres of land located on Heckathorn Road in Perry Township to Brookville.

The property is located between Heckathorn Road and the Wolf Creek bike trail.

“Under Ohio law, city council may act to accept this annexation to the city of Brookville after the expiration of 60 days,’ Stephan said.

“Therefore, an ordinance accepting the annexation will be before city council for approval at the Oct. 17 city council meeting,” Stephan continued.

According to Stephan, the annexation to Brookville was requested by an area church that plans to build a meeting and activity center and a single-family house on the land.

Stephan said at the June 20 council meeting annexing the land to Brookville will enable the proposed facility and the single-family house to receive water and sewer services from the city.

Stephan indicated at the June 20 council meeting approximately 10 to a maximum 15 acres is expected to be used to build the activity center and the house.

Stephan said the rear of the development will be toward the bikeway.

“We’re looking at a significant setback from the bikeway,” Stephan said on June 20.

“There will be a private drive off Heckathorn which would enter into a parking area at the right. The house will be built to the left of the private drive,” Stephan added.

Stephan said no further housing or business development is planned on the remaining land at this time.

But he noted council would take further action to determine the zoning if additional development was proposed in the future.

Stephan also noted on June 20 even though the land will be annexed to Brookville, Perry Township will continue to receive taxes from the property.

“That includes any property taxes generated by development on the property,” Stephan said.

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