Walking trail proposed for city park


BROOKVILLE — The park board received a request from a resident to create a loop walking trail in Golden Gate Park, located at 545 Upper Lewisburg-Salem Road,.

“A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were looking for a loop trail, so I said let’s go around Golden Gate Park, Mark Schwab told park board members.

“There’s the bikeway, but there is no nice loop people can take in Brookville,” Schwab continued.

Schwab said creating the loop trail at the park could be an easy task.

“They must have had a cross country competition, so they had that white line that went through the part that is in the woods and they cleared the honeysuckle where the white line went through,” Schwab noted.

“So the trail through the woods was already made and I said this is simple. There are no bridges. There’s nothing major that has to be done other than putting up signs,” Schwab said.

Schwab suggested signs indicating the walking path could be placed every 20 feet.

“But if you put up a post, the mowers are going to get mad,” Schwab said.

“I was thinking you could install rubber pavers on the ground that they could mow over,” Schwab suggested.

Park board president Adam Blevins voiced support of a loop walking trail.

“A designated walking path is a good idea,” Blevins said.

“I think we would want to take this to city council because there would be possible funding, if you are looking at adjusting pathways and things like that,” Blevins continued.

“We would just have to think through the project and what it would take to continually keep the area cleared that has been cleared for people walking,” Blevins said.

Schwab informed Blevins he would volunteer to help keep the trail free of such invasive plants as honeysuckle that grows in the park.

Schwab indicated he helps to keep unwanted plant growth from several trails in Preble County.

“I’ve work a lot with trails in Preble County. I like doing that kind of stuff,” Schwab said.

Blevins said he appreciated Schwab’s offer.

“But the city would have to be the one to manage it,” Blevins said.

Brookville City Manager Sonja Keaton informed the park board she will look into the requested project.

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