Little White Crosses


Have you noticed any of your neighbors displaying little white crosses in their front yards? Perhaps you have noticed some of them close to people’s mailboxes in the West Alexandria/Eaton area. Well, if you have, then you may be wondering what they are about.

No, we have not started burying our pets out by our mailboxes. We, at The Church of Christ in Eaton, are taking a stand. We have decided that if our local, state, and federal governments are going to bow to the demands of those who would see all symbols of the Christian foundations of this nation removed, then we will do our best to remind them. That is what the little white crosses are about.

They are a way to remind those around us that this nation became the greatest nation in the world because of its Christian foundations: true morality, Christian principles and the providence of the one true God and creator. Many people in Frankenmuth, Michigan began displaying these crosses in their yards several years ago and we would like to invite you to join us in making this stand and helping to spread the message that they began.

That is, that the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation and that is what made her great. If you are interested in placing one of these crosses in your yard please contact the office at The Church of Christ in Eaton and we will see to it that you receive one, phone number 937-456-5816.

Eaton Church of Christ