Southern Preble news

By Rodney & Carrie Forrer

SOUTHERN PREBLE COUNTY — Birthdays:Wes Hileman,Makenzie Johnson,Corey McCollum,Neysa Hollenbaugh Shannon.

Anniversary:Rodney and Carrie Forrer.

Pee Wee: Congratulations to Preble Shawnee Arrows 3rd grade team, beating Eaton 42-0 this past weekend.

Eye of the storm: Our prayers are with Eaton Firefighter and Gasper Township Asst. Fire Chief Andy Beckemier, James White and all the other volunteers who are in Florida helping with disaster relief. Stay safe.

Quote: “Stress tends to take your mind off your blessings if you allow it too.”

Prayers: Our continued prayers and thoughts for the families and first responders affected by the fatal accident in Camden this week. Hug your family and hold them dear and if you see a first responder — they just might need a hug too.

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By Rodney & Carrie Forrer