Around the ‘Burg

By Judy Mayrer and Janet Philpot

LEWISBURG — Fall is finally here! Even though the equinox occurred last week, Mother Nature didn’t get the message until this week. (Pastor Laura Thomas of Wares Chapel said she probably didn’t get the e-mail.) Woke up this morning to a cool crisp breeze and sunshine that didn’t carry the threat of the high humidity we have been experiencing. It’s finally football weather, time for hayrides and bonfires, weekend festivals, corn shocks and pumpkins. Enjoy it while it lasts because we all know what comes next.

Bicentennial news

The Bicentennial Committee has been hard at work already, even though the 200th Birthday of Lewisburg isn’t until 2018. That date will be here before we know it. In case you don’t know, there is a Bicentennial store in downtown Lewisburg. (For those who have been here a while, it is located in what was Rudy’s Barber Shop.) Some of the commemorative items include shirts, cook books, flags, and, just recently received, the Lewisburg-Opoly game.

Upcoming events

Wednesday, Oct. 4, Neighbor Night. Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church. Supper is served from 5-6:30 p.m. Last night’s supper consisted of scalloped potatoes with ham, glazed carrots, salad and dessert was fabulous. A short praise service is held afterward beginning at 6:30 if interested. Please join in the fellowship.

Friday, Oct. 6. TCN Friday Night Football

Sunday, Oct. 8. Worship at your church of choice

What’s up ladies?

Fall is Judy’s favorite time of year. Fall decorations: pumpkins, scarecrows, skeletons, goblins are all part of the season. School homecomings bring life and past memories back to our communities. We were recently asked if we were going to the Haunted Cave. I left part of me in that cave many moons ago. School partners convinced me that they would protect me if I went. As I walked down the hill into the cave that Friday night, I wondered if I was making a huge mistake. Chainsaws coming at me, “things” coming out of the water…. It was more than my kidneys could take! As a result, I rode home wearing wet clothes. No, I didn’t fall in the water? All of you know what happened!

Watching an Aukerman playing on the field again was truly exciting as Ohio State played Army two weeks ago. My favorite memories included the Aukerman boys playing college football. Uncle Norman, Marvin and Jerry treated me to locker room thrills.

Number 21, six-foot-one, 260-pound linebacker, Alex Aukerman had five tackles against “The Ohio State Buckeyes”. It is awesome to hear a family name on the screen and see them run right into your living room. I can still hear Grandma Aukerman yelling, “That’s my boy!” as they made their way down the field. I will never forget those days. Alex is the grandson of Norman Aukerman. I am sure that he doesn’t miss a game. Army and Navy play Dec. 9. You are welcome to cheer with us!

We haven’t been real active since both of us are on canes. We have to be home before dark or use our ‘headlights’ and carefully dodge the roots of the tree as we make our way to the front door. Our daily check now includes the following: ears? Check eyes? Check teeth? Check extra leg (cane) Check keys? Check. What a way to survive!

In closing: We are sorry that we didn’t write last week. We are experiencing some medical issues. Can you believe that?

As you ramble around this week, watch for wooly worms. Don’t touch the white worms with black dots on their bodies. They are poisonous. Their name: Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

As always… ‘There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place’. Until later… We’ll see you AROUND THE ‘BURG!

By Judy Mayrer and Janet Philpot