Around the ‘Burg

By Janet & Judy - For The Register-Herald

Hello Lewisburg!

September arrived with August’s heat. The trees are changing colors, the cicada’s sweet songs radiate through the night skies and the crops are beginning to dry ready for harvesting. Fall is just around the corner. Festivals are at hand: Pork Festival, Oktoberfests, Fall Happenings, Greek Festivals, and Founder Days. Fall is upon us.

Lewisburg happenings

Oct. 3 — Johnny Appleseed will be visiting the Garber Nature Center. More information to follow.

Nov. 6-7 — Christmas Bazaar Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church More details to follow.


Sept. 14, Alex Gearhart

Sept. 15, Matthew Isaacs

Sept. 16, Brooklyn Philander

Sept. 17, Maya Ballard

Sept. 18, Amber Price

Sept. 19, Timmy McClain, Emma Fannin


Sept. 14, Kodi and Jennifer Hawley

Sept. 15, Joshua and Jordan Ayotte

Pay it forward

We would like to congratulate Ace Hardware for being named “Business of the Year” by the Lewisburg Chamber of Commerce. This award was presented at the ‘State of the Village Meeting’ held last week. Mayor Putnam congratulated many people on their dedication to our village. Congratulations to the Village of Lewisburg!

In closing

It is amazing to review a week in the life of this Village. Check the happenings, then add all the extra meetings of the Fire Department, EMT meetings, Lewisburg Police, Brown Memorial Library, church, Council, Chamber. Time goes on. Remember to thank those folks who share their lives to make ours better. “There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place.” Until next week…

By Janet & Judy

For The Register-Herald

Reach Janet Kiracofe and Judy Philpot at [email protected]

Reach Janet Kiracofe and Judy Philpot at [email protected]