Southern Preble news

By Rod & Carrie Forrer

SOUTHERN PREBLE COUNTY — Serving our country: Congratulations to Mitch Martin of Gratis Township, who has been promoted to the rank of E-4 in the U.S. Navy.

Birthday: Lori Deaton, Rhonda McCollum, Jayden Shafer, Brittany Turner, Drew Forrer.

Births: Kaitlin and Logan Cottingim welcomed Ollie Mae home. Congratulations!

Anniversary: B.J. and Debbie Morgerson — Happy 30th.

Honeymoon: Welcome home our son and daughter-in-law Drew and Cassie Forrer as they return home from their honeymoon in Cancun. Best of luck to the newlyweds.

Traditions: As we reflect on this holiday season it seems sometimes we get so busy we don’t even share in what the season’s about. I know a lot of families have traditions they do with family that we would love to share just call or like us on Facebook. Here are a couple of ours: For Thanksgiving after having dinner with family we take in a holiday movie, on Christmas Eve we would always read The Night Before Christmas with someone usually acting it out and on Christmas morning singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus with a cake in one hand and baby Jesus in another. Happy holidays.

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By Rod & Carrie Forrer