Around the ‘Burg

With Janet and Judy - For The Register-Herald

LEWISBURG — It’s here! Thanksgiving has come and gone. The turkeys have come out of hiding. Black Friday specials are now called something else. As of this Friday, only three more Fridays until Christmas! Santa has been seen checking out the firehouse.

Happening around the ‘Burg

Wednesday, Dec. 6 — 5-6:30 p.m. — Neighbor Night at Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church. Good food; good friends, prayer circle from 6:30-7 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 10 — Attend the church of your choice.

News around the ‘Burg

Cub Scouts, Pack 511, sponsored by Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church recently held their annual Food Drive. These young men placed plastic bags on the door knobs of houses in Lewisburg on the rainiest day of November. A week later, bags of food were picked up by the Scouts. Our Scouts collected six hundred eighty seven cans of assorted fruits and vegetables. The food was given to the Community Food Bank and will be shared with those with need. Thank you Lewisburg and a special thankful to our future—the Cub Scouts.

What are you up to Judy and Janet?

Well, we have been spending more time on the ground than standing! Judy and I have both been unbalanced. Okay, John, we know that you already figured that out! I have been receiving eye laser treatments and eye injections since September. This is not one of my favorite appointments. Hopefully, this will prevent me from losing my eyesight.

Judy has been walking gently because of her knees. She recently had cortisone shots in both knees. Her doctor shared that knee replacements could help with those issues. She smiled and said, “I would like to go out of this world with the same knees that I came in with.” Leave it to Judy!

Our hours have been kind of strange but appointments have to come first. Thank you for checking in on us!

Thanksgiving was spent with family from Texas which is always a treat Kevin’s family loved the weather which had been especially ordered for them. After eating delicious food and sharing family stories, we can check it off as an awesome time.

Final thought

Words of wisdome: Whatever you want to do, do it. There are only so many tomorrows.

Lewisburg is decorated in style. From the Lewisburg Park to the gazebo to the homes and businesses around the village, Let’s give them a 10! Drive through our village and enjoy the sights. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next week, enjoy the little things in life. Tell someone you love them. There is spirit, there is grace in our peaceful country place. See you around the ‘Burg. Remember, three more Fridays! Santa is watching you!

With Janet and Judy

For The Register-Herald