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With Janet & Judy - For The Register-Herald

LEWISBURG — It’s here! Snowflakes are falling as I am typing this. I used to (used to) pray for snow. Now, walking on a cane for assistance, I sing a different tune. We really need cross country skis to cross our yard. Those tree roots are deadly. We have decided that we can’t do a thing about the snow but to sit back, drink something hot and enjoy the view.

Lewisburg lit the village on Sunday afternoon and evening. Commerce Street had beautiful store fronts, the park lights were turned on and Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church was “Hanging the Greens” in preparation for the Christmas season. Houses all around the village are beautifully decorated welcoming those who drive through.

Happening around the ‘Burg

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 5-6:30. Neighbor Night @ Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church. Good food; good friends, prayer circle from 6:30-7 p.m. Bible Study beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 5-7 p.m. Cabbage Patch pick up

Sunday, Dec. 17 — Attend the church of your choice.

Tuesday, Dec. 19, Third Annual Light Up Lewisburg Contest Deadline to register is Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 4 p.m. Entries should be turned in to the village office.

Tuesday, Dec. 21, council meeting, 7:30 p.m. at the Firehouse

Sunday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve Services. 10 p.m. Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church

News around the ‘Burg

The 2018 Dog Tags and licenses are on sale. Be sure to license your pets.

Tri County North Elementary students celebrated Christmas with a very special Christmas program. Parents and family joined in by participating. Their school break is coming soon.

Bicentennial news

The Lewisburg Bicentennial Shop is open. Cookbooks, Lewisburg afghan throws, Lewisburg-Opoly, and assorted shirts are among the many items found there. Bicentennial Christmas ornament #1 in the series: the Lewisburg Log House can be found at RubyPurls and Twisted Sisters.

Dec. 31, 2017, the Bicentennial kicks off with fireworks. More details to follow.

What are you up to Judy and Janet?

We are trying just like you to stay warm! We attended a Christmas Party at the home of Sharon Justis. Eating and laughing with her workmates was a ball! Thank you, Sharon!

Hanging of the Greens held at Lewisburg Trinity Church was awesome. Under the direction of Layla Kline, Christmas was explained through scripture, music, and pictures. This service celebrated the musical works of Ware’s Chapel’s Men’s Quartet, the premier of the Children’s Hand Chime Choir and Trinity’s Bell Choir led by Kris Howell. Pastor Don Trumbull led services reverently. Fourteen children kept him on his toes but he did a fantastic job answering their questions. Thank you, Pastor Don for helping us out. Super job!

We have been enjoying many of those wonderful Hallmark movies on the television. Now, we are waiting for something wonderful to appear under our tree. Our Christmas tree is a buckeye tree. Santa will have to look for it because it is small. Remember, great things come in small packages.

Final thought

Expect great things and great things will happen!

Lewisburg is decorated in style. From the Lewisburg Park to the gazebo to the homes and businesses around the Village, Let’s give them a “10!” Drive through our village and enjoy the sights. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next week, enjoy the little things in life. Tell someone you love them. There is spirit, there is grace in our peaceful country place. See you around the ‘Burg. Remember, two more Fridays! Santa is watching you!

With Janet & Judy

For The Register-Herald