Eaton student among scholarship winners; Ackerman wins teacher award

DP&L, Vectren award scholarships for high school seniors interested in careers in energy

By R-H Staff

DAYTON — The Dayton Power and Light Company and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio recently awarded three scholarships to high school seniors planning to work in the energy industry, and honored two teachers.

Taylor Lackey from Eaton High School was one of the scholarship winners. Teacher Catherine Ackerman from Twin Valley South High was also honored.

Lackey will be attending the University of Toledo to pursue Environmental Engineering. By attending the Ohio Energy Project activities, Lackey discovered “countless ways energy can be saved and re-used. I have encouraged my parents to start recycling…Little changes I have encouraged throughout my home and the homes of others, such as finding a way to seal off air leaks, changing light bulbs to more efficient kinds and switching the types of faucets to reduce water usage have all impacted the way I live – with much less energy waste.”

The $1,000 scholarships help deserving students pay for college tuition and other expenses so they can continue outstanding leadership and pursue an energy-related career.

The student awards were announced at the Youth Energy Celebration in Columbus.

The three students receiving scholarships included Cassidy Hemm of Lehman Catholic High School in Sidney; Lackey, and Katheryn Starnes of Clinton-Massie High School in Wilmington.

Hemm will attend Miami University in the fall to pursue a science-related career. Hemm said participating in Ohio Energy Project and Test of Engineering and Math and Science activities gave Hemm “the most knowledge about saving energy and being energy efficient. Learning about the advancing technology is the most interesting part of energy efficiency for me. Keeping up with the latest technologies and ideas will help me to stay informed when continuing down my career path. As in high school, I plan to institute programs into my workplace that will benefit all concerned.”

Starnes will be going to college at Boise State University. Her participation in the Ohio Energy Project has provided Starnes with leadership abilities and an interest in new and innovative ways to harvest energy. “I hope to use conservation and sustainability to come up with better ways for us to use and generate electricity.”

Two Miami Valley teachers also received awards from DP&L and Vectren for their participation in the Ohio Energy Project. Tracy Merica of Graham Middle School was awarded the 2016 DP&L Teacher Award and Catherine Ackerman of Twin Valley South High School received the 2016 Vectren Teacher Award.

Ohio Energy Project, a non-profit energy education organization that also works with DP&L and Vectren on their energy efficiency education programs and activities, is facilitating the scholarships.

DP&L, Vectren award scholarships for high school seniors interested in careers in energy

By R-H Staff