Public safety Oxford Police reports

OXFORD — Oxford Police Division filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Nov. 21 — Victim reported sometime over the weekend, someone busted the glass to his door and window to his business at 5182 College Corner Pike, Pit Stop drive thru. Upon inspection of the windows it appears to have been shot with a BB gun.

Monday, Nov. 21 — A local female returned to her car to discover her side view mirror had been broken.

Monday, Nov. 21 — An unknown individual damaged the hood of a car in a local parking garage.

Monday, Nov. 21 — Victim stated that a Brickstreet employee stole her driver’s license.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — Officer was dispatched to 24 West Spring Street on a report of someone dumping salsa and syrup on their porch.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — Officer responded to the alley behind 5 W. High Street for a leaking grease storage container.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — Door was kicked, causing damage to the door jamb.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — The victim’s vehicle had its front windshield passenger side windows smashed and damage done to two passenger side window frames while it was parked outside 108 E. Spring St.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — Officer met with a resident who stated that on two separate occasions in the past few days, an unknown person spray painted words on two different sides of a garage on his property. It is unknown why the person chose this property to deface and no suspects could be named by the property owner.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — Unknown subject(s) damaged the victim’s vehicle while it was parked on the street on the 300 block of W. Church St.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — A handgun was stolen sometime in the past 3 weeks from the home of a local family.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 — A local female had the window of her car smashed while it was parked on the street.

Thursday, Nov. 24 — A female was approached near 10 W. Park Place by two unidentified males. The males, after a verbal altercation with the female’s boyfriend, snatched the female’s purse and run. There is no further suspect information at this time.

Thursday, Nov. 24 — Officers were called to Walmart in reference to two possible shoplifters in the store that had been there for at least three hours. The two suspects were stopped and confronted about stolen items after they passed the last point of sale. Several items were found to have not been paid for and several items were found to have the stickers switched with cheaper, similar items. The male subject stated that he changed the price stickers of several items and he also had two stolen items concealed on his person. The male was cited for theft and released with his female friend. Both were warned of trespass and advised not to return to Walmart without permission.

Saturday, Nov. 26 — Officers were called to Brick Street Bar in reference to an unwanted male. Upon officer arrival, the male was located and after a brief investigation, the 18 year old male was taken into custody and charged with a probation and a liquor violation.

Saturday, Nov. 26 — Officers were approached in the emergency room regarding a psychical altercation between three highly intoxicated males inside a residence, over a firearm. After a brief investigation was conducted, no criminal charges were filed as a result of conflicting stories and an uncooperative victim.

Saturday, Nov. 26 — One of the residents of 24 W. Spring St. returned home to find that her residence had been burglarized.

Saturday, Nov. 26 — Officers were canvasing the area around a house that had been burglarized when they found another house with a window ajar. After further investigation, they found another burglary at this residence.