Preble County public records

December/end of year title report

Preble County Clerk of Courts

Christopher Washington

There were 1,149 titles issued in December 2016 by the Preble County Title Department.

All purpose vehicles: nine

Bus: one

Manufactured home: three

Motorcycles: 24

Motor homes: 16

New cars: 93

New pickup trucks: nine

New trucks: 19

Outboard motors: four

Off-road motorcycle: one

Trailers: 12

Travel trailers: 61

Used cars: 630

Used pickup trucks: 179

Used trucks: 57

Vans: 19

Boats: 15

Total titles issued for 2016: 19,142

All purpose vehicles: 147

Bus: 8

Manufactured home: 56

Motorcycles: 745

Motor homes: 404

New cars: 1,193

New pickup trucks: 174

New trucks: 251

Outboard motors: 138

Off-road motorcycle: 11

Trailers: 285

Travel trailers: 1,924

Used cars: 9,508

Used pickup trucks: 2,579

Used trucks: 1,051

Vans: 271

Boats: 397

Eaton Municipal Court report

Bertha Kalili, Clerk

The following cases were filed in the Eaton Municipal Court during the month of December, 2016: 86 criminal, 12 DUIs, 261 other traffic and 55 civil cases. There were two small claims cases, 25 felonies and 24 new garnishments filed.

Total cases filed: 465

Traffic/criminal distribution

Distribution to City of Eaton: $42,123.87; distribution to Preble County Auditor: $8,070.50; distribution to State of Ohio: $18,015.88 and distribution to all other agencies: $185.

Total distribution of fines and costs: $69,205.25

Civil distribution

Distribution to the City of Eaton: $10,531.09; distribution to the State of Ohio: $1,411.74.

Contested cases traffic/criminal division: 88 total

December Marriage Applications

Preble County Probate Court

Stephen Dale Caskey II, 47, 3006 W. Florence Campbell, Eaton, self-employed and Tracy Lynn Caskey, 43, 3006 W. Florence Campbell, Eaton, medical assistant.

Paul Elvin Gross, 75, 255 W. Mill Street, Eldorado, maintenance and Lora Jean Bastian, 55, 255 W. Mill Street, Eldorado, postmaster.

Benjamin Alan Schmidt, 22, 215 Hillcrest Drive, Eaton, recreation aide and Ayrissa Breayel Spainhower, 22, 102 Springhouse Drive, Union, student manager.

Robert Eugene Houseman Jr., 43, 4338 U.S. Route 40, New Paris, truck driver and Michelle Ann Taylor, 49, 4338 U.S. Route 40, New Paris, RN.

Zachary Clark Lewis, 24, 1371 Somers Gratis Rd, Camden, navy and Mattie Amelia Shockey, 21, 6380 Moses Rd, West Alexandria, student.

Lucian David Novak, 36, 417 Walnut Street, Eaton, accountant and Caihong Mo, 32, 417 Walnut Street, Eaton, unemployed.

Shane Patrick Dickson, 20, 1943 Lafierre Loop, Ft. Bragg, NC, army and Alexsis Jordan Grooms, 18, 3434 Swishers Mill, Lewisburg, homemaker.

Michael Lee Hargis, 47, 200 Walnut Street, West Manchester, carpenter, and Vicky Raylene Cotner, 47, 200 Walnut Street, West Manchester, carpenter.

Troy Mathew Remley, 28, 213 Coblentz Street, New Paris, factory worker and Sarah Faye Newton, 33, 213 Coblentz Street, New Paris, STNA.

Robert Joseph Bulach, 38, 8793 Greenbush Rd, Camden, carpenter, and Jessica Lynn Wysong, 39, 8793 Greenbush Rd, Camden, homemaker.

Kent Allen Unger, 45, 260 Frederick St, Eldorado, retail and Lisa Marie Biggs, 35, 260 Frederick Street, Eldorado, fork life operator.

Brandon Michael Gibson, 22, 1470 Aukerman St, Eaton, navy and Kalie Jolen Emery, 22, 1470 Aukerman St, Eaton, homemaker.