Camden plans for celebrations

By Kelsey Kimbler -

CAMDEN — Bicentennial planning is under way in Camden. Head of the bicentennial planning committee, Karen Moss, spoke to Camden’s Village Council during a meeting on Thursday, Jan. 5.

Since she last spoke to council, she reported she has started a Facebook page. She also is planning on making ornaments with Camden buildings on them and selling them as a fundraiser. A meeting was held on Tuesday, Jan. 10, to discuss planning for the bicentennial celebration.

Council member Melissa Shull was elected as president of council for 2017.

Donnie Hedge spoke during public participation, representing the Camden Fire Department. He discussed three topics:

•He first addressed the circus on May 17. He asked permission of council to use the soccer fields, like he has in the past. Council approved his request.

•Next, he spoke on the Camden Carnival. He has contracted Area Wide Protection to get the correct permits to close the roads. The contract will cost them $1,000 and will close the roads June 15-17. Council member Kelly Doran spoke against having the carnival on Ohio 725. He noted, while he approves of the Carnival, he believes it is “an inconvenience to over 30,000 people” and causes “truck traffic problems.”

Council member Doran suggested that Bloomfield Street and the school property would be the best location for the carnival, but he ultimately believed the subject should be tabled for a later date. Doran wants council to sponsor the carnival to make sure there is no loss in revenue.

The subject was tabled and Hedge was given instructions to approach council to scout out locations for the carnival.

•Hedge requested council sponsor the music for this year’s carnival. Doran said that the village could sponsor, but he will sponsor something as long as the carnival is not on Ohio 725.

During Nelson McKeever’s staff report, he reported:

•The completion of repairs of the water main the the alley of S. Main and S. Lafayette.

•The completed demolition at 35 North Second St.

•Plans to tear out concrete for new handicap ramps at the town hall.

•The upcoming weather sirens check.

•The recent purchase of an additional salt spreader.

Mayor’s Court Clerk Laurie Taylor spoke regarding “misconceptions” about her position and what she does for the village. At the last council meeting her position was discussed. She does not believe she was accurately depicted during the discussion. She said that her position requires that she take work home and follow up on tickets, monthly reports, quarterly reports and more.

Council member Doran replied that the only question council had was regarding what her work entailed. They were not sure how often she was on the job and what all she did for the village. Doran said that the reason they were questioning is due to the move into the new building. Council is trying to find a way to have a part time person during the day.

Ordinance #1016-2016, the Nuisance Ordinance, was approved.

Council reviewed the RITA information, regarding what steps to take on delinquent tax filers for the Camden Village income tax. Council member Toni Keesler made a motion to approve the first option, authorizing RITA to initiate a litigation program. After deciding to look into fee and penalty waivers, council approved the motion.

Doran is requesting volunteers to help clean and organize the town hall for the village to move in. The village will be moving to the town hall tentatively in February.

Council member Doran also mentioned creating a contract for archives to move into the town hall, allowing them to stay there under the terms of agreement previously offered to them.

Camden City Council met again for their second January meeting on Thursday, Jan. 19.

By Kelsey Kimbler

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH