Oxford Police reports

OXFORD —The Oxford Division of Police filed the following recent incident reports:

Monday, Jan. 23 — Victim stated when she responded to her vehicle, she discovered her rear windshield of her Jeep to be broken out. There are no visible signs of how the damage occurred. There are no suspects at this time.

Monday, Jan. 23 — Clermont County Sheriff’s Office provided information of an incident that happened at the Miami Mobile Home Park, 5201 College Corner Pike, on December 20, 2016.

Monday, Jan. 23 — Victim reported that around midnight the prior Saturday, an unknown person cut a hole in the passenger rear tire with an unknown object. No other damage was found to the vehicle.

Monday, Jan. 23 — Victim, employee of Dollar General, stated a female entered the store and shopped for several minutes before approaching the counter. Victim stated the female showed a receipt and returned several items. It was later learned by employees the items that were returned were taken from the shelves and never purchased. Victim stated the receipt was from a different store. The suspect has been identified and charges will soon follow.

Monday, Jan. 23 — Officers responded to a theft in progress at 5720 College Corner Pike. During the course of the investigation, a female suspect was arrested and charged with theft.

Tuesday, Jan. 24 — Victim stated that someone slashed her vehicle’s tire.

Tuesday, Jan. 24 — Responded to KDS Gas Station for a report of a drive off. Female suspect fueled her SUV up with $38.76 of gasoline and then drove away without paying. Not able to identify the suspect at this time.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — Officers responded to 300 Block of N. Locust St. concerning a report of an armed robbery that occurred in the back yard, Officers searched the area along with the assistance of a Police K —9. The suspects were not located and the victims were not harmed.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — Officers were dispatched to a crash in the 200 block of E. Church St. where a truck had struck several parked vehicles. It was reported that the driver of the truck fled the scene on foot. After a brief investigation, the driver of the truck was identified. Warrants were issued for the arrest of the suspect driver (24 YOA male). The suspect male was taken into custody of 1 —27 —17.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — The victim reported that his laptop was stolen from his room sometime between 14:30 and 23:59 on 1 —24 —17.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — A local resident posted his vehicle on Craigslist to sell. He was sent a fraudulent check for an amount larger than requested. The resident realized the scam and contacted the police.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — Officers responded to the area of 5141 Red Cloud Court at approximately 14:45 hours on 1 —25 —17 in reference to a stolen vehicle.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — The loss prevention specialist at Walmart Supercenter reported a theft that occurred on Jan.24, 2017. The theft was captured on video surveillance. An investigation will begin in an effort to identify the suspect.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — A known juvenile was observed on video surveillance committinga theft offense at Walmart Supercenter. The juvenile was arrested and charged with theft. He was transported to the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 — A seriously wounded deer was destroyed on U.S. 27 at University Park Blvd.

Thursday, Jan. 26 — Victim reported that overnight, someone broke her driver’s side mirror on her 2013 Chevrolet.

Friday, Jan. 27 — An underage male was almost struck while jay walking. He was found to be intoxicated and in possession of a fictitious driver’s license. He was cited for all 3 offenses.

Saturday, Jan. 28 — Subject was approached after his truck was called on for reckless driving. Subject was intoxicated and found to have warrants out of OPD.

Sunday, Jan. 29 — Responded to 121 E. High St. for a report of an intoxicated male crawling on the sidewalk vomiting. The male was transported to McCullough Hyde Hospital and cited for disorderly conduct, underage consumption, and possessing a fake ID.

Sunday, Jan. 29 — A vehicle was stopped for operating without taillights. The 18 year old operator was found to be intoxicated. A breath test showed his BrAC as 0.125.

Sunday, Jan. 29 — Male juvenile was acting unruly inside of his father’s residence.

Sunday, Jan. 29 — A male and female subject stole items from the Walmart store.

Oxford Police reports