Town Hall reno discussed

By Austin Schmidt - [email protected]

CAMDEN— On Thursday, Aug. 20, Camden Village Council had its third and final reading of resolution number 1045-2015, a resolution transferring $600,000 from the general fund to the capital improvement fund for a Town Hall renovation project.

The reading carried 4-1 as council member Melissa Shull continues to vote against the project. Shull continued to express her concerns the project is not going out to bid.

Shull also said she had spoken to Silas Nicely, who said the building was beyond repair and expressed concerns about the use of the correct type of concrete on the project.

Council member Kelly Doran said the project was approved by Ping Engineering.

Both Doran and Mayor Dan Michael informed Shull the engineers and architects were aware of the specific concrete needed to be used and are prepared to use it.

The village will also wait to work on the State Infrastructure Bank Loan project, set to pave all streets and alleys in town, as Kramer Engineering said it is too late in the year to start the bid and specs documents.

Kramer reportedly said they feared the village would not be happy with the results if the asphalt was poured too late in the year when it was cold, according to council.

Council also approved the repair of the Main Street “Green Bridge,” as the surface is crumbling away.

Repairs will cost $3,400 on the concrete bridge that is stamped to look like red brick. The original contractor, Maggard Construction LLC out of West Alexandria, will do the repairs.

Council also approved the transfer of $1,800 to the Beautification Committee for a cobblestone wall around the gazebo by the fire department facility.

A slight modification to the Second Street grant work will save the village $13,000 by allowing volunteers and village staff to work on excavating and other parts of the project.

Village Administrator Nelson McKeever reported village staff completed the basketball goals replacement at the park. He also told council they are still waiting for the light at the park, as it had a six week shipping estimate when ordered two weeks ago.

McKeever also said the Ohio EPA annual wastewater plant sanitary inspections occurred last week and they received a verbal approval but still await an official letter.

Council also approved a motion allowing McKeever to spend up to $5,000 for a new commercial mower. Currently the village only has one.

Doran and Shull clashed again when Shull asked the village to forgive $153 of a water bill because the water was turned off for three months at a rental house she owns. Currently the bill is a total of more than $700.

The bill occurred before the village voted to not charge while the water was turned off. Doran felt many others had the same problem and Shull’s bill should not be changed.

Council member Todd Angell said they had forgiven others in similar situations and moved to forgive $153 for the three months the water was turned off. The motion passed, with Doran voting not to change the bill.

Council member Roy Ebbing was not present at the meeting.

Camden Village Council meets the first and third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.

By Austin Schmidt

[email protected]

Reach Austin Schmidt at 937-683-4062

Reach Austin Schmidt at 937-683-4062