Miami class of 2017 graduates

R-H Staff

OXFORD — Miami University will award 3,949 degrees on Saturday, May 13, during its commencement ceremony. According to officials, Miami’s 2017 graduates have reason to be excited about their possibilities.

By fall 2016, 96.3 percent of last year’s Miami Oxford graduates were employed or continuing their education. Roughly 89 percent of employed Oxford campus alumni were working in a position that requires a bachelor’s degree of higher.

Their median annual salary range was $50,000 to $59,999. More than 55 percent had two or more job offers and more than 10 percent had four or more job offers.

Among bachelor’s degree recipients from the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science at Miami’s Regionals, 94.8 percent were employed or enrolled in school, with 82 percent of employed alumni working in a position that requires a college degree.

More than half of last year’s graduates found employment in Ohio, joining 96,700 other Miami alumni living and working in the state.

During the May 13 ceremony at Yager Stadium, Miami’s own 2016 MacArthur Fellow Daryl Baldwin will address the 2017 graduates.

Baldwin, who is also an adjunct assistant professor in educational leadership, was awarded a genius grant in September as one of the 2016 MacArthur Fellows. He was among 23 people selected by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Baldwin, a linguist and cultural preservationist, is leading a revival of the cultural heritage and language of the Miami (Myaamia) Nation, of which he is a citizen.

The class of 2017 includes six members of the Myaami Nation. This makes a total of 70 who earned a Miami degree since 1991 when the first three students came to campus on a Heritage Award. The award provides tuition waivers to members of the Myaamia Nation.

Miami President Greg Crawford will preside over the ceremony. Degrees to be awarded include: 67 certificates, 109 associates, 3,463 bachelor’s, 294 master’s, and 16 doctorates.

Details of the ceremony can be found online. Commencement is held rain or shine. Information on the status of the ceremony in case of severe weather can be found at or at 88.5 FM and 91.7 FM. The ceremony will also be available online through a webcast. University division also will hold recognition ceremonies May 13 and May 14. Additional information can be found online.

R-H Staff