Garrett named assistant treasurer


COLUMBUS — The Ohio Federation of Republican Women recently celebrated the elevation of five Federation members to the top leadership team of the Ohio Republican Party.

The new leaders of the ORP are Jane Timken, the newly-elected chairman, from Stark County; Mary Anne Christie, of Hamilton County, the new Vice-Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party; Marilyn Ashcraft of Washington County, the ORP’s Secretary; Tracey Winbush of Mahoning County, the new Treasurer of the ORP.

Assistant Treasurer Stephanie Garrett lives in Preble County. She grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, daughter of “Southern Democrats,” and every Sunday the family went to a restaurant after church, where her father and his friends would talk politics. Her father’s best friend was a Republican, and his views broadened the perspectives of Stephanie and her parents. Stephanie became politically active when she was homeschooling and she realized that her children would not be civically involved unless she influenced them by her example. She began as a poll worker, then became involved in the George W. Bush campaign, and every campaign since then. She has been involved with the Preble County GOP and as chair of the County Central Committee, and serves on the State Central Committee.

Garrett said she values the Federation as an important way for women to be informed and involved. She agrees women are the “movers and shakers” and remarked that women were at the root of President Trump’s grassroots push.

Her greatest hope for her service in the Ohio Republican Party is that she can help to bring unity to the party. She said she believes that Republicans are united by a love of country and the ideals of the founding fathers. She likened some of the intraparty conflicts to “family fights” and believes keeping focused on unifying Republican principles is the priority.