EMA working on mitigation plans and asset list

EATON — Preble County EMA Director David Anderson is still working on a master asset list and mitigation plans, according to the monthly update he presented the Preble County Commissioners during a meeting on Monday, Aug. 14.

“First on the agenda is the mitigation plans. I will be having a meeting with the contractors tomorrow. During that meeting we’re going to be setting dates for the other meetings, project outline and timeline, and any questions that I may have. She is going to go over the whole process from beginning to end,” Anderson said. “That’s going to be a pretty good meeting. Also, they required a bunch of documents and I have all of those ready to give to them on a CD.

“Next in line, I’m still working on the County Master Asset listing for Fire and EMS. That is a monumental task, because there is a lot of little stuff that was given to all of the Fire Departments in Preble County. Trying to get it all sorted out and put where it belongs is quite a task,” he said.

In other EMA news, the Ohio and Indiana Communication exercise is coming up on Oct. 5. According to Anderson, there will be eight counties from Indiana and six counties from Ohio in attendance.

There was also a meeting held at the Wayne County EMA where the exercise was discussed. Both state directors from EMA were in attendance.

“They were very supportive of this and they were very glad we were doing something like this,” Anderson said. “This has been something that has always been a concern, especially for the Ohio EMA director, because they just put a new direction in Indiana. We’re looking to try to work together to take care of things.

“The exercise is not going to be a huge thing,” he added. “It’s going to be basically me making contacts with different counties through different methods. It will just be Preble County trying to communicate with other counties. There’s going to be a lot of people and all we’re going to do is see if we can talk.”

In other news:

•Guidance is not out for the EMPG yet.

•The quarterly LEPC meeting was completed.

•The Preble County HAZMAT plan has been reviewed and no change forms were submitted. Last year, Anderson went through the plan and redid a lot of it. There are no changes needed at this point.

•CERT assisted with the fair parade and by doing walk-arounds during the fair.

By Kelsey Kimbler


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