PC Sheriff issues jail report

EATON — There were 25 female inmates booked into Preble County’s jail for the month of July, according the the PC Sheriff’s Office monthly jail report.

Preble County commissioners also had to authorize a payment of $7,190 to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and an expenditure of $3,920 for the Preble County inmate housing in Shelby County during their meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

“For the month of July we booked 25 females into the jail — four less than in June,” Commissioner Chris Day read. “In 2017 we have booked in 193 females, an increase of two percent from 2016. Following this information for the female inmate housed in Preble County for the month of July: the lowest population occurred on July 27 with seven female inmates and the highest population occurred on July 13 with 16 female inmates.”

“There were 21 female inmates housed in Mercer and Shelby Counties in July at various times,” Day continued. “We were billed for 221 bed days for July for a cost of $11,735. This averages 7.8 inmates each day. There were five males housed in Shelby County in the month of July for 115 bed days at a cost of $6,215.”

According to Day, to date the county has spent $63,600 to house inmates outside of the county jail.

In other Preble County Sheriff Office news, commissioners noted receipt of two letters regarding pay rate adjustments.

The first letter stated Dispatcher Donna Terry had been with the department for 24 years. Her rate of pay will be adjusted from $20.39 an hour to $20.40 an hour as of Aug. 24.

The second letter stated Captain Brad Moore had been with the department for 13 years. His rate of pay will be adjusted from $28.16 an hour to $28.18 an hour as of Aug. 23.

By Kelsey Kimbler


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