Commissioners approve three zoning cases

EATON — Preble County Commissioners on Wednesday, June 3 approved three zoning cases, a contract with MidAmerican Electric for the electric at county offices and buildings, as well as a bid for a small paving project at the Preble County Courthouse.

Commissioners Chris Day and Rodney Creech were present at the meeting. Commissioner Denise Robinson was not in attendance.

Somerville National Bank had a zoning project approved allowing the bank to take a deed containing an area of land in Washington Township and turn it into two separate pieces of land. Currently the land has only one deed but two zones exist on the deed.

George Carrington represented the bank at the meeting and told commissioner that while splitting the land into two deeds is for marketing purposes the land needs to have the deeds changed to properly represent two parcels of land.

Carrington pointed out the land would not be zoned the same way if the zoning was done today and splitting the land into two parts cleans up the paper work on the land.

Two residents spoke out against the rezoning of the land. Betty Renner was concerned that rezoning would take away more farmland from the area.

James Hemmelgarn was concerned splitting the land into two parts will create a “slumland” as one parcel of the land will become delinquent because of the poor layout of land. Hemmelgarnbelieves keeping the properties together would create a more marketable piece of land.

Both commissioners in attendance approved the rezoning of the land. The zoning board failed the reclassification of land three to one and the planning board approved nine to one.

Phillip and Sandra Renner and Eric and Pamela Alcorn also had the rezoning of their land approved by the commissioners.

The rezoning will allow the Alcorns to move their parcel of land to build a house further north on the property as the original property given to them did not allow for a solid foundation for a home due to water problems.

The rezoning passed both the Planning board and zoning commission unanimously.

Diana Kuck had her zoning case approved by the board of commissioners after the case failed to pass the zoning board on April 5. The zoning board declined to approve the new zoning 3-2 during the meeting on April 5 while the planning commission approved 8-1.

Attorney Steven Pope, who represented Kuck in the meeting, informed commissioners the zoning board declined the reclassification of the land because it would create a “panhandle” lot. Kuck is attempting to downsize from her current house size on Ozias Road and build a new, more practical house behind her son’s current house also on Ozias Road.

The board renewal of a contract through Palmer energy with MidAmerican Electric to provide electricity to all county buildings and offices. By going through Palmer electric the county estimates to save over $2,100 a month with MidAmerican Electric compared to the prices of DP&L.

The commissioner also approved a small paving project at the court house that will pave the alley between Jell’s and the courthouse and other minor repairs at the court house.

Commissioners approved a bid from Becker Blacktop for a total of $36,162 for both pavement and concrete. The construction is expected to start sometime this month.

The commissioners also approved to move $6,182.60 to the Common Pleas Court for new carpet in three rooms at the courthouse as well as new chairs in the judge’s office and reception waiting area. The funds were additional funds not planned in the original budget for the court.

The board also approved the purchase of a 2016 Ford Fusion for Job and Family Services at a cost of $17,773.59.

County Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Preble County Courthouse.