Oxford to purchase automatic CPR machine

OXFORD — The City of Oxford Fire Department will be getting new automatic chest compression machines. According to Fire Chief John Detherage, they are able to buy the machines thanks to a grant McCullough-Hyde/Tri-Health secured them for cardiac monitors.

During the council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 15, Detherage brought council a resolution to approve a contract with Physio-Control, Inc. for the purchase of three Lucas 3 Chest Compression Systems and associated accessories at State Contract Pricing at a cost not to exceed $43,333.80.

“As you guys are aware, over the last two years we’ve set aside $72,000 to replace our Cardiac Monitors. Thanks to McCullough-Hyde/Tri-Health, who came through with a grant to purchase those monitors for us, we are able to re-purpose that money to buy automatic chest compression machines,” Detherage said.

“The machines do perfect CPR for as long as we can feed it electricity. They are great machines, we’ve done a lot of research on them. They have really good results. We also talked with our medical director. This is the machine that he preferred we get,” he added. “When we had one here, about a year ago, we did have a successful cardiac arrest resuscitation with the machine when we used it. It made a believer out of me and I think it would be money well spent for us to equip our EMS units with these systems.”

Council approved the resolution.

They also approved an amendment to the agreement with Synagro-Central, LLC for the loading, hauling, and land application of biosolids from the wastewater treatment plant. The amendment will extend the expiration date from May 14 until May 12, 2019 at a cost not to exceed $28,905 annually.

“This is an extension of an existing contract,” Service Director Mike Dreisbach said. “This contractor does an excellent job for us. There is a slight increase in cost, about $400 a year. That is based on the consumer price index. We recommend approval and to continue our relationship with the contractor.”

Council also approved a resolution authorizing the city manager to waive the fees adopted for the street closures for the 2017 annual Summer Music Festival through the month of September on Thursdays.

Jessica Greene, Executive Director of Enjoy Oxford, took the podium to speak on the issue.

“For the first time we are trying to expand our concert series into the month of September,” she said. “This is a Town and Gown effort. Miami University called and said, ‘What would it take to extend these concerts?’ I said sponsorships and they agreed, which is great.

“We would like to be able to hold these concerts through the end of September with the intention to engage students and residents in an organic fashion. The city is kind enough to waive the parking fees and the road closure fees when we do these concerts, to save us some funds when we’re doing this type of programming. I’m requesting that the waiver of fees extend until the end of September.”

During council discussion, members agreed this would be a positive Town and Gown initiative. All were in favor.

During public participation, Economic Development Director Alan Kyger explained a Legislative Authority Notice to council. This was regarding a change of corporate stock ownership for El Burrito Loco, Inc.

“This is just a stock transfer within a company,” Kyger said. “So Burrito El Loco, who had three owners, the majority owner has assumed all the other shares. He is now the 100 percent owner. No change in the majority owner, but there is a stock transfer and that is why it is before you.”

The existing permits are D1 for beer only for on premises consumption or in sealed containers for carry out, D2 for wine and mixed beverages for on premises consumption or in sealed containers for carry out, D3 for spirituous liquor for on premises consumption only until 1 a.m., and D6 for sale of intoxicating liquor on Sunday between the hours of 10 a.m. and midnight.

“Why is it before us?” Mayor Kate Rousmaniere asked.

Kyger explained, “Because there is technically a change in ownership, on paper. It has to come back before us as a notice. In essence to us there is no change, but on paper there is.”

Council accepted the notice without comment.

The next Oxford City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 7:30 p.m. in Oxford’s courthouse.

By Kelsey Kimbler


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