ESC Superintendent reports on new school year

EATON — According to Educational Service Center (ESC) Superintendent Mike Gray, both conference night and opening day was a huge success. He gave his monthly report during the ESC’s board meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

“I did want to talk about our conference night. That is the largest conference we’ve had since I started in Darke County 14 years ago,” Gray said. “I thought it was a good conference and like I said, we haven’t done the evaluations yet. We need to look at those and determine what we need for that following year. We always get suggestions from the administrators who attend it. Any administrator that the school wants to bring can attend,” he said.

“The other thing I wanted to talk about was opening day. There was a lot of us out and we did a great job with setting the tone. I thought it went very well. The staff needs to be congratulated for all that they do for us.”

Assistant Superintendent Shawn Hoff informed the board they will be losing their nurse to another job.

“I wish we could have kept her. She has been amazing,” he said. “She interviewed for a supervisory position for a company and is being transferred to Hamiton, so we’re losing her service. There were some tears shed when her and I talked, because she helped change so much here in terms of the medical training, forms, and training we have in place.

“She said that if there was a full-time position she would have taken it,” Hoff said. “I wish I had a full-time position. We don’t have the work for that right now. She told us if we ever needed somebody to let her know. It meant a lot to hear that she would want to come back and work again. I am on the search for another part-time nurse.

“The district nurses cannot be responsible for training our staff and overseeing all that. It’s tough to find somebody. The other districts all have stuff they need.”

In other business it was reported:

•The ESC staff is in favor of the new truancy policy.

•The ESC is also collaborating with the staff to make the school year smooth and easy.

The next ESC board meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at the ESC building on Hillcrest Drive.

By Kelsey Kimbler

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH