NP council visiting sister city

By Kelsey Kimbler -

NEW PARIS — New Paris Village Council will be visiting sister city, Paris, Kentucky, for a festival on Dec. 2. During the Apple Fest, representatives from Paris attended and read a proclamation acknowledging New Paris’ Bicentennial. Since they attended the Preble County Festival, the group echoed an invitation to New Paris Council.

During a council meeting on Monday, Oct. 2, Mayor Rick VanWinkle extended that invitation to council and asked if there was interest in attending. Council will be attending and inviting members from the New Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Ron Delk, representing American Legion Post 360, presented the council with a check for $500 to put toward the village’s park project. During the meeting, council also recognized the United Methodist Women, who donated $250 to the same project.

“It’s adding up,” council member Kathy Smallwood noted.

According to the building committee, the painting on the building is badly needed, but planning is currently under way. Mayor VanWinkle said that the roof, specifically, needs painted. However, for the paint alone it will cost $1,052.55, but that paint does include coating.

In sanitation news, council member Mary Jane Thomas said she has three files she has sent to the police chief to take to court. Thomas and fellow council member Smallwood are still working on making edits to the sanitation ordinance.

“We’re trying to beef it up a little bit, so we can actually get something accomplished. We will have to run that by the solicitor, before we can vote on it, but we’re hoping to have something in place pretty soon,” Smallwood said.

In the month of September, New Paris Police handled 102 calls for service, took 21 reports, made two arrests, issued five citations, and served four warrants.

The next New Paris Village Council meeting will be held in the village building on Monday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m.

By Kelsey Kimbler

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH