Candidates seeking local offices

By Eddie Mowen Jr. -

PREBLE COUNTY — Approximately 130 Preble County residents have filed their candidacy for public offices ranging from village and city councils to school boards and boards of public affairs.

Many face no opposition, while nearly 80 others do have competition for the seats they are seeking. Those candidates running opposed on Tuesday, Nov. 7, were asked to submit candidate profiles for publication, in order to allow voters a chance to get to know them better. Voters can find those profiles in this edition of The Register-Herald. (Note: Profiles are being published as submitted by the candidates.)

The slate of candidates who will appear on Nov. 7 (both opposed and unopposed) election ballots include:

Eaton City Council (elect three): Anna Horn, Brad Moore, Matthew Venable, Gary Wagner

Camden Village Council (elect four): Kelly Doran, Deborah Hickman, Toni Keesler, Wendell Mackie, David Shull Jr., Melissa K. Shull

College Corner Village Council (elect four): No candidates filed.

College Corner Board of Public Affairs (elect one): John E. Johnston, Noble E. Toney

Eldorado Village Council (elect four): Teresa L. Freeman

Eldorado Board of Public Affairs (elect one): No candidates filed.

Gratis Village Council (elect four): Corey Blankenship, Lynn Marie Collins, Frank E. Davis III, M. Douglas Farquer, Gregory Greene (write in), Chase Johnson, Donna Waller, Charles Wiggington, Marc Wright

Lewisburg Village Council (elect four): Dennis Roberts, Jeffery Chad Woodworth, Belinda Sue Zumstein-Harry

New Paris Village Council (elect four): Peggy Bishop, Sasha Renee Cortner, William Smith, Mary Jane Thomas

New Paris Board of Public Affairs (elect one): Norm Smith

Verona Village Council (elect four): Jenni Baker (WI), James Dempsey Jr. (WI), Nikki Plank (WI)

Verona Board of Public Affairs (elect one): No candidates filed.

West Alexandria Village Council (elect four): Chris Armold, Ian Campbell, Doug Crouse, Brandon Davidson, Jeff D. Hickey, Holly Ann Robbins, Zachary J. Shafer, Debra L. Smith, Shannon Smith, Kenton R. Tubesing

West Elkton Village Council (elect four): No candidates filed.

Mayor, Village of West Manchester (elect one): Tim R. Rodefer

West Manchester Board of Public Affairs (elect one): No candidates filed.

West Manchester Village Council (elect four): No candidates filed.

Dixon Township Trustees (elect two): Michael E. Henning, Jason Ruebush, Walter G. White

Gasper Township Trustees (elect two): Bill Hapner, Terry V. Parks, Bill Roell

Gratis Township Trustees (elect two): Chad Adkins, Wally W. Dishman, Rodney E. Forrer, Kathy H. Lewis, Jeff Lynch, James Schneider, Greg Thompson

Harrison Township Trustees (elect two): John Ferguson, Johnny C. Hosbrook, Mark W. Mullins, Ric G. Prater

Israel Township Trustees (elect two): Christopher Johnston, Donald S. Jordan, Michael Knox, Matthew R. Nixon, Donald E. White Jr.

Jackson Township Trustees (elect two): Donald F. Hays, Dean Petry, Joshua Ruebush

Jefferson Township Trustees (elect two): Paul Brehm, David J. McDermitt

Lanier Township Trustees (elect two): Austin M. Cole, Bruce Cunningham, Dale Dean Henry

Monroe Township Trustees (elect two): Douglas D. Fark, Kevin Glander

Somers Township Trustees (elect two): Jeff Brandenburg, Andrew Groh

Twin Township Trustees (elect two): Roger Brunk (WI), Eric L. Eby (WI), Curtis Falldorf (WI), Donnie Jones, Scott Leedy (WI)

Washington Township Trustee (elect two): Rodger B. Clark, John H. Pence

Montgomery County ESC Governing Board (elect three): Gary M. Roberts, Terry Smith, Marla Joy Weaver

Preble County ESC Governing Board (elect three): Peggy Crabtree

Brookville Board of Education (elect two): Judy Hoover, Ronald K. Mellon Jr.

College Corner Board of Education (elect three): Michele E. Hill, Michael L. Sims

Eaton Community Schools Board of Education (elect three): Eric J. Beeghly, Darrell D. Durham, Lisa T. Noble

Edgewood Board of Education (elect three): Beth Benjamin, Gary Gabbard, Jim Wirtley

National Trail Board of Education (elect three): David A. Harris, Cynthia Lee, Gary L. Moore

Preble Shawnee Board of Education (elect three): Charles V. Biggs, Bill Crawford, Wayne Davis, Nicholas Clay Duskey, Michael D. Hawkins, Polly L. Heinkel, Deron Pugh, Julie Singleton

Talawanda Board of Education (elect two): Patrick Meade, Lori Parks, Mary Jane Roberts, Lois Vollmer

Tri-County North Board of Education (elect two): Terry Warren Good, Gene Moyer

Twin Valley Board of Education (elect three): Christine Bitner, Jason DeLong, Matthew Lunsford, Michael S. Randolph, Ron Ritchie, Dan Utsinger

Valley View Board of Education (elect three): Elliot Boyd, Judy Brown, Mike Jones, Mike Kilroy, Mark F. Kline, W. Joe Scholler Sr., Angela M. Valenti.

By Eddie Mowen Jr.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.