Candidate profiles: Gratis Village Council

Name: Frank E. Davis

Office Seeking: Village of Gratis Council

I am retired from AK Steel Corporation after a 30-year career in maintenance and have operated a successful farming business for many years. With my experience, I am well qualified to manage the village’s finances and run the village in an efficient and cost effective manner.

As a private citizen I have been attending Village Council meetings to educate myself on the issues facing the village, and have particularly educated myself on the village budget and how taxpayer money is being spent.

Based on review of the village’s financials, the most critical issue facing the village is out-of-control spending. Even though the village has additional revenue from a one percent income tax that was implemented in 2014, the village is spending 77.5 percent of this additional tax revenue on the village’s police department, to the detriment of the rest of the village.

Based on my experience, I believe I am the most qualified candidate to solve the financial issues of the Village of Gratis.

If elected, I will find a more cost-effective solution to Police protection for the village. We can’t continue to spend this kind of money on the Police Department to the detriment of the rest of the village.

Provide adequate police protection when citizens feel it is most needed for the village.

Transfer $25,000 of the one percent income tax from the General Fund to the Street Fund annually to provide match money for needed grants from state and local agencies for street and alley repair.

With your support, we can make our village a better place for all citizens.

Name: Marc Wright

Position: Village of Gratis Council

I am a retired Regional Director of Admissions for Remington College, a nationwide, private, non-profit college system. During my many years, I ran campus locations in Arizona, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas.

I was responsible for annual revenue budgets of six million to forty million dollars, and annual salary budgets more than 1 million dollars. In addition, I managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets, and directed annual regulatory audits by the federal government.

I can bring a new perspective, new skill set and high-level management ability that can help the Village of Gratis thrive. I want Gratis to be a place we can all be proud of, for property values to rise, and to continue to support our Fire, EMS and Police.

My agenda is positive and for our Village, Police, Fire and EMS Services. My agenda is about making our village an even better place to live, not just the same.

If you want positive and responsible change , vote for Marc Wright on Nov. 7.