Letters to Santa: Mrs. Tolliver’s class at Bruce Elementary

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi my name is Tanner Davis from Mrs.Tolliver’s 5th grade class. I have been good all year and have always believed that you are real. If you recognize my name, I have a Elf on the Shelf named Leo. I have a lot to tell you about how I’ve been good. And I have a list.

This is how I’ve been good. I’ve always believed you were real! I never snuck up just to see you at night. I almost always turned in homework (If not I always turn it in the next day), This summer I cleaned toilets and sinks when my mom asked me to. Whenever mom says to clean my room, I do. I’ve never been on the naughty list in my life, and I have always laid out cookies for you. Those are the reasons why I’m good.

I also have a lot of questions. Are you real?, I mean I believe you are real ,but some people say that parents sneak up at night and put presents under the tree, but I don’t believe that. How old are you? You’ve been doing this a long time I suppose. How many cookies do you eat? It must be a lot because you eat cookies from all across the world in one night.

This is what I want for Christmas. I want a Cozmo, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Tapu Ko Ko tin, Super Marvel Heros 2 X-Box1, Super Smash Bros DS, $50.00 GameStop gift card, Necrazma tin, Mecanoo Max,Team Skull Pokemon box, a remote control R2 D2, and a small size TV . That is what I want for Christmas.

Please put me on the nice list this year Santa. My plan for next year is to listen to Mom, be nicer, and turn in homework on time. Have happy and Merry Christmas.


Tanner Davis

Dear Santa,

Hi, how long has it been last I saw you? It was last year. If you don’t remember, it is me, Vincent Trantanella. I have been good, but some of the time it is hard to be good because of my friends, sisters, brother, and sometimes I get in trouble.

At school I listen, pay attention, and follow along. At home I help with my baby brother. I have to do chores, the dishes, laundry, and trash. I help my family members by cleaning up after myself, ,put away groceries, and taking good care of pets. If my friends get hurt or trip or crash, I go check on them and see if they are all right. I helped my 80 year old neighbor carry in her groceries. I am going to work on my positive attitude.

I have a couple quick questions, What would you like me to leave out for you? (Cookies, doughnuts, milk, or Coca Cola) If you had a Christmas wish what would it be?

Here are ten items I want for Christmas. I want a RC helicopter, hippopotamus, plane, Africa soccer ball, nerf guns, games for PS4/PS3, ripstik upgrades, scooter upgrades, Jake Paul merchandise, Logan Paul merchandise, and a good 2018.

I think I definitely deserve these gifts. Maybe not all of them. You know which ones I am talking about. The real question is… Do you think I deserve these gifts???: )

Your friend,



Dear Santa Claus,

Merry Christmas! I am Yuta Sera, and I am reporting that I have been fantastic all year and I would like a couple of gifts for this Christmas. I think that I was awesome this year because I did many helpful things to my family, teachers, and friends. It was very easy to be wonderful for me. I think it was easy to be excellent because I was able to help many people this year.

I have been nice in a couple of ways. To my family, I have been superb by raking leaves in the front yard. I have helped my mom by helping her cook dinner. I have been superior to my friends because I try not to ignore anyone and tried to help anybody that needed assistance. One very important thing you should remember that I did this year was that I have tried to help people in the drama club make permission slips as a part time member. I have plans for next year so I can be even more exceptional in 2018. One of them is that if I am angry, try to take a deep breath and calm myself. Another one is trying to give positive compliments to everybody.

I have a couple of questions for you. What is your favorite cookie flavor? Which country is your favorite place to deliver presents? When is Rudolph’s birthday? I would also like to say something to you. You look fantastic with your sleigh team! Also, your beard is the best!

This is my super long Christmas List. (List order may change.)

1. Forbidden Desert Board Game

2. For Sale Board Game

3. Tsuro Board Game

4. Labyrinth Board Game

5. No Thanks Board Game

6. 2018 Calendar

7. Forbidden Island Board Game

8. Risk Board Game

9. Sushi Go Board Game

10. Ticket to Ride Board Game

I think I deserve these gifts because I have been fantastic and I have worked very hard this year learning negative and positive numbers. Plus, I memorized binary. Also, these board games use a lot of brainpower so unlike other people, I will get even more smarter over the winter playing these games. I appreciate your time reading this letter and delivering presents to our house. Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Yuta Sera

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

Hello! My name is Sidney Marissa Plaugher. I would just like to make this clear I was excellent all year long, and I think you should know that. I love Christmas, my FAVORITE holiday. Even over my birthday which just took a part out of me, but who doesn’t like Christmas. This is how I think of Christmas it is not all about the gifts and tree. It is about Jesus and his birth. But let’s just get on with the letter. It was not easy to be good all year because Of my sister, Allie. Obviously. But I will but in a good word for her!! I LOVE my dog, and she loves me. I love my family also!

I have been the best kid in William Bruce Elementary. I have been good by ( Here comes the list) First, I always put the laptops away for cart B, and you know when my bus seat partner Brylin Barker needs help with her homework, you know I help her. All OF THE TIME!!!!!!! At home you know that I try my very hardest to help Allie with her chores. You know that I do things for her when it is not my week. Also you might want to know that lately I have been doing laundry for Momma and Daddy. And every great once and awhile I help with dinner.

I have some questions for you:1. Why did you marry Mrs. Claus? 2. Why did you pick Rudolph to lead your sleigh except for his bright red nose? I would Just like to compliment your beard. I mean other men don’t have a beard like yours. 3 How do you manage all the elves and the reindeer? 4. Is James Penguin real because Brad Paisley sings a song about him?

Ok; I have a list but before I tell you what I want I would like to say you look amazing in your Red suit. This is my Christmas list:

1. MP4 player

2. 2 of my teeth

3. Nerf gun

4. New sweatshirt

5. Converse

6. Hairties

7. Puppy

8. New house

9. Cat

10. Socks

11. A baby brother or sister

In my conclusion, you can see that I am deserving of these gifts! I have shown you that I have been a good girl, and I help out with the family and that I take care of my friends. I also take care of this family. YOU can see that I have helped you with friends and family. This is why I am deserving of these gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely Your Favorite and The Nicest,

Sidney Marissa Plaugher

Dear Santa o:,

Hey my name is Trinity Pease. I have been good all year. I didn’t complain on my birthday if someone did not get me a present or if I didn’t like it. It was kind of hard this year. My sister was kinda mean.

I have been helping people. I have been nice. I have been nice to my mom and little sisters. I have cleaned the house I have watched my pets. I make my friends happy when they are down. Let’s just say I have been trying to spread Christmas cheer. I have helped my sister when she was sick. Next year I’m going to clean the whole house for my mom before she gets home from work for 6 hours.

You look amazing with that long white beard and those beautiful red close.I have one-1000000000000000000000 questions to ask. Why do you wear red? Why do we have to decorate a Christmas tree? Why do some states not celebrate Christmas?

Here are 10-20 things I want for Christmas

#1) new clothes

#2) more books

#3) coloring tools

#4) a newborn baby doll(they look like a real baby but they aren’t)

#5) a remote control car

#6) rings

#7) necklaces

#8) I want my mom and stepdad to STOP fighting

#9) a laptop

#10) FOOD

That is want I want so please at least get me one of those things. I want all, but I don’t want to be greedy. So please get me one of them.


Trinity Pease

Dear Wonderful Magnificent Truly Gorgeous Awesome Super Cool Santa Claus,

Greetings! My name is Adylan Panighetti ,and I am DEFINITELY on your nice list this year (And every year before that). I have been an angel alllllll year. But, it has been extremely hard with my annoying little brother, Coen. (He is, for sure, on your naughty list.) Can I just say something real quick? You look STUNNING in those beautiful black boots. Oh, thank you ever so much for the time you are taking out of your stressful, toy-making day to read this letter.

Guess what? I am getting ready to list one-fourth of the good things I have done this year. There is not even enough room on this paper to fit half of my good deeds. I get very high scores on my MAP tests, and I push myself to do my best in school. At home, I take care of my cats, do chores, and I’m very honest. I often help my Grandma Susan with groceries, and I use my manners all of the time. I am independent with my homework, and I get it done before my mom gets home. I stand up for my friends, don’t exclude them, and I am very generous to them.

Santa, I have a few questions for you. What is the present limit? Do you need an extra elf? I need a job, and some extra money. Is my brother on the naughty list? Is Mrs.Claus a baker? What is your favorite type of cookie? My favorite are sugar cookies. Have you ever had any accidents involving your shiny red sleigh and reindeer? Do you have any kids? Is there a McDonald’s in the North Pole? If so, get salt and a large fry, then shake them both in the bag you get them in. After that, you indulge. Trust me, you are going to be thankful for that trick once you eat those fries.

Okay, here is the big, ginormous, humungo list: iPhone 10, The Maddie Diaries, JoJo Siwa #PeaceOutHaters, Mackenzie Zeigler’s Rules for Life, memory foam bed pad, electric blanket, scented colored pencils, Hatchimals, squishes, bean bag chair, electric sewing machine, mansion ,dot-to-dot books, two narwhal and unicorn shirts from Justice, fuzzy socks, fuzzy pajamas, clear Converse, Forbidden Island board game, Pictoword board game, box of chocolates, gift card for Starbucks and T.J Maxx. That’s all I will ask for, but I deserve so much more! So I’m doing you a favor. Santa, the last present I want is for you to give food and presents to all the poor children around the world.

Darling Santa, thank you for giving gifts to children all around the world. I really mean it, and I want you to know that. You are a very special, talented person. Did you know that Christmas is my favorite holiday? (Coen likes EASTER better!) I bet you did, after all the time it took to write this lengthy letter. Please tell Mrs.Claus hello for me! Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

From the most angelic child in the world,

Adylan Pauline Panighetti

P.S. (Yes, I used my middle name.)

Dear Santa

Being good this year has been as hard as titanium. My sisters are so annoying! They sing dance and dab. Every girl is like that. I have been good though.

I have helped with homework at school. I have gotten things done. I follow in the order Mrs.Tolliver puts the list on the board. I have avoided shouting out for a while.

How do you travel at 3,000 times the speed of sound? Santa your beard looks good. How are all those presents carried and how do you afford it? It must be expensive.

I want, get ready for this list, a new mattress, Marshmello helmet, DJ mixer, Xbox one, 7 pounds of ketchup, microscope,VR headset, a special controller, trampoline, 4K TV. That’s the list. I know I ran out of ideas so there’s some weird stuff.

I may not be better than other kids. I may not be as smart as other kids. But I do deserve presents.


Oliver Moore

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi, my name is Paytin Mobley I live in (Eaton,Ohio). It was hard being good this year in 2017. Well if you must know I had some ups and downs, ok it wasn’t the best, but that happens sometime am I’m right?

Here’s how I’ve been good this year Mr.Claus. I have been helping out putting up the Christmas tree and putting up the ornaments this year. Plus I’ve even helped out people, and I worked for money to help the homeless people, and I got the money from my sisters. I’ve did the chairs at a daycare.

Hey, Santa what started the red suit? What happened to Rudolph the reindeer? What is your most fav… Reindeer?? Now this is a serious question what is your favorite cookie out of all cookies? Plus I have to ask you how do you even pull this off?

Here’s my list for Christmas:

1. Pokemon (Big set)

2. Slime

3. Kids bop song track

4. A gocart

5. Dj set

6. Movies

7. Comice s

8. Pokemon books

9. Playdoh

10. New 3d players.

And that’s the end of my list, but that’s not all I have a big one !!!!!!!!! Oh and please get to my house on time! You’re the best person.

Your so so so besty

Paytin Mobley

Dear Santa,

Hello Santa! My name is Dillon Jerdon. I have been very good. I think it is easy to be good. You just have to stay out of trouble. Also you do not need to fight over something you want with your brother or sister. I am probably the best acting kid because I stay away from trouble and do not fight over something I want.

I have been fabulous in many ways, if you want to know then keep reading. I have been awsome at school by helping others. Also I have been good at school by following all the SOAR rules. I have been responsible at home by being kind to my brother and sister. Also I do not yell at my brother and sister. I have been good to my mom and dad by helping them put up the Christmas tree. I also clean my room when they tell me to. I help my mom with laundry and dishes. I help all my friends when they are sad or they are down. Something I want you to remember is that I do not fight my brother and sister, and I listen to my mom and dad when they tell me to do something. My plan for being good in 2018 is to stay out of trouble.

Santa, I like your shiny white beard. I like your shiny red suit and your shiny black boots. I have three questions that I have to know. The first question is what do your reindeer do in the summer? The second question I have to know is what is your favorite cookie you get on Christmas? The last question I have to know is who is your favorite reindeer?

Santa here is my Christmas list:

1. baseball bat

2. Notre Dame jersey

3. Notre Dame shorts

4. X-box games

5. Nike shorts

6. Nike shirts

7. Nike Elite socks

8. LeBron shoes

9. snorkel mask

10. Phone

This is my Christmas list.

I am telling you Santa I should get more presents than my brother and sister because I have been extra nice. I am the best kid in my family. Also I have not been naughty, and I have helped around the house with my mom and dad. I promise to have some yummy cookies set out for you at our house!


Dillon Jerdon

Dear Santa Claus,

I’m Tyler Jennings, and I have been good this year. I helped my parents by keeping my room clean, helping to cook, not touching my elf on the shelf, and turning in 97% of my homework. I’m a good kid Santa and you should already know that because I’ve known you for ten years. I’m in fifth grade!

I’ve been very, very, very good (especially to my teacher) I’ve been reading a lot of books, was nice to my sister, and love music (even yours). Also I’ve not touched my elf. I’ve helped my mom a lot by helping her cook, helping take care of the animals, and cleaning.

Why do you Santa red suit, and hat? I like you in the suit. You look really good. How do the reindeer fly? Why are you so jolly all the time? How many people are on the nice list.

This is ten or 11 items I want for Christmas: a PS4, little big planet 1, 2, or 3, Minecraft, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, magic the gathering, a new tablet, sour candy, a fixed 3DS, and cup head (a game).

I’ve been a great boy! So, that is why I deserve the presents that I asked for.

The Best Child In My House,

Tyler Jennings

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi, I am Anna Hoskins. What am I talking about? You should know me because I have been on the nice list all my life, right? I have been good! It was kind of hardish but easy ish because there has not been that much pressure on me this year. There has been a lot of work on my hands that I have to do. But it is mostly my family that has been putting that work on me the most, and the homework that we get man you just have to know the homework. Sometimes depending on how much homework we get I literally forget to do my facts, and it justs makes me get mad because of it.

How I have been good is by just keeping my patience. Doing things that I am suppose to do. The things that are right. Like helping people when they need help like with their homework. Also by saying things that are nice & not mean like other many other people say. But I try not I am not mean like that. I mean why should people be mean and cruel in our world? Not me of course I mean I can be mean but not in the way other kind of people are know what I mean? I am nice by helping out with my baby sister.

I also want to ask you Santa how do you make the reindeer fly? Oh I also wanted to tell you, you look sooooo handsome in that outfit! I hope you know that. You are…you are… you are soooo attractive during the Christmas time if you did not know that also.

Oh here is the Christmas list you were probably looking for : 1. iPod( rose gold), 2. New headphones, 3. more bows, 4. slime kits, 5. basketball, 6. iPod case,7. google home, 8. money, 9. Beanie, 10. fitbit, 11. color changing nail polish, 1 2. soft leggings, 13. and last but not least an X-box.

I deserve these gifts because I am loyal. I am sooooo nice to everybody, oh and, I also called you handsome and said you were attractive too. Who do you think will say you are attractive and handsome? That is right only me. I think you are so nice that you waste your time on making and giving toys away to people that really don’t deserve toys the way they are these days. Am I right and are you with me?


Best kid in the whole wide world

Anna Hoskins

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi, my name is Zeke Hopkins. I’m sure you already know me. I have been phenomenally good. I have three sisters. They are Joslyn, Addison, and Zoey. I also have a brother named Asher. So now you probably know me.

I have helped my family with stuff and I have been nice to them. I did chores. Also I’m play with my siblings. I’m nice to people. I play with my friends and hangout with them. I’m also nice to them. But I’m really nice to Joslyn since she is baby sister. I do what my parents tell me to do. I’m basically nice to everyone.

How old are you? You look like you’re 20 years old. How did Rudolph’s nose get red? You look good in red. Also you are LIT! Is your beard fluffy? Who is your favorite reindeer? (By the way lit means you’re cool).

This is what I would like for Christmas:

1. Adidas Tublers- white version

2. RC car that goes 38 mph- red

3. Call Of Duty World War Two

4. Madden 18

5. Nba2k18

6. Hoverboard -red

7. Nintendo Switch

8. Super Mario Odyssey

9. Football gloves

10. Aj Green jersey

11. Jarvis Landry jersey

12. Football gloves

13. Purple knee pads

I think I deserve all of that. I have been nice to people. I play with people. I’m kind to people. So those are some things that proves that I deserve those presents.


Best kid in the world,

Zeke Hopkins

December 1, 2017

Dear Santa,

Hi, since you’re already watching me, you know who I am. I’m Mallory. Ohh you look sooo awesome in that red suit; nobody could rock it like you do! Yes, in my opinion I’ve been good. It was really hard because of Nick at tennis and his stupid Starbucks jokes. Also, Macy is always like should I date him? Ohh did I forget to mention that Dan has been really hard on me! School is more challenging too.

Do you know what I did this year? At school I did all of my work, AND turned it in on time. I’ve been respectful to my teacher and been SUPER nice to my friends and everybody else. Ohh yeah I stayed in for recess to help Mrs. Tolliver grade papers. Then at home I took care of my mom when she got back from surgery. That means more chores for me, and I hate doing the laundry; I did it anyways. And to think you just sit around and basically have slaves. Sad. Just sad. Also as I said before I helped Macy with Project Carson. She didn’t know what to do so I told her. I always made mom laugh when she was feeling a lot of pain after surgery. My dad and I team worked on the tennis team. Again Macy has A LOT of drama. My friends also I helped them with drama. I think this is the nicest year I have had.

Sometimes they have questions like what is the synonym for tricycle? Santa you should remember I was good since I was born. An “Angel Child” as my mom says. I also helped Peyton with Project Kong. I have a quote from her. “ She was the only friend that let me decide whether or not I wanted to go out with a boy.” I also have a quote from Mrs. Tolliver: “ I try to have her do other things so she doesn’t get bored of all the easy things!”. My plan for next year : I won’t cheat in tennis, be nicer than I was this year, TRY not to complain, and do my best in everything.

Ohh boy do you look just dazzling in that beard, but you should shave it; go for a new look. More modern. How many clones do you have because you can’t go to all the malls at once. You know someone was bound to figure that out sometime! Who is your favorite reindeer? Mine is Blitzen. Your wife is sure a lucky ‘gal. Okay the outfit situation, A logang or maverick shirt and shorts. You should keep it red.

Okay, this what I want since I’ve been soooooo good this year:

1. A Pomeranian

2. I-phone 8+

3. Logang or maverick hoodie/shirt

4. Black and white Adidas sweat pants

5. Squshie

6. White Converse shoes

7. Adidas shirt

8. PomPom book bag ball

9. White jeans/black leggings

10. High waisted non-ripped jeans

11. Beanie

12. Onesie P.Js

Those were in order of what I want since I’ve been SOOO angelic this year! You would make me sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy if you got me all of those things.

The Most Angelic Child Ever,

Mallory Hitchcock

Dear Santa Claus,

Hello, my name is Jon Hewitt. I am a very fabulous boy. I play sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball. I have been on the good list every year. I have annoying sisters, but I can handle it. I have been the best in my family this year. I think our Elf on the Shelf is a very great elf, he is very funny. The best time ever was when he was hiding in the lights in our kitchen, and it took us the entire day to find him. He finds the best spots to hide.

I have been amazing because at school I have straight A’s this quarter. At home I help clean up around the house and put up the Christmas decorations. I have helped my mom, dad, and family by helping them make some meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also help my dad make some bacon. I am good to my friends because I try not to ignore anybody, and I taught my friend how to throw a curveball in baseball. You should also remember about me that I helped my mom to clean the house several times. I have a plan for next year. It is that I will be the best student by not getting in trouble and maintain straight A’s through the whole year.

I have a few questions for you. How do you ride with billions of presents on your sleigh? What is your favorite kind of cookie? About how many elves do you have in your workshop? And I really think that your beard looks awesome!

The list I have for you is this: a football (real but not huge), football gloves, a game called Fantastic Gymnastics, a toy RC car that is really fast, a Rubix cube (4 by 4), microscope, a very big LEGO set, a jersey of Ezekiel Elliott (#21), an Ohio State picture of Ezekiel Elliott at the national championship game when he was running the field looking at the scoreboard at the person trailing him, and another baseball holder.

And one more thing for you that I have to say… Merry Christmas!!!


Jon Hewitt

Dear Santa,

Hello! I am Emily Haynes, and I am here to tell you I have been monumentally great this year. Ok, not that great. Probably good. But don’t you worry, I’ll be even better once you see me. By the way, I’ll be spending Christmas in Pittsburgh this year. I think I deserve at least one exceptional present. There’s been some ups and downs this year, but I feel favorably good. You must know this one day this year. I did everything I was supposed to do. I cleaned my room, I decorated the house for summer, I made my lunch, and I got to watch TV because I did everything before 8:30.

So you’re probably wondering how I’ve been good. In school, I turn in all my homework. I have also helped Mrs. French and other teachers this year. I have earned 76 SOAR bucks. At home, I clean my room if my mom tells me to, I do my chores, and I have decorated the house. I did that for my mom. I help my sisters if they need help. Like the time when they needed me to build something. I usually do outdoorsy things with my dad. That is how I help my family. I am respectful to my friends. I try to make them laugh when they are in the wrong position, like when Addison got her finger jammed. I stayed with her to make her feel better. That is how I am good to my friends.

I MUST know how you go down chimneys. No offense but you’re kinda fat. Don’t take that as offensive because you look good when you’re fat. Why do you wear red? Can’t you wear yellow a Christmas or two? In the North Pole, do you ever get cold? Why do you live in the North Pole?

So if you agree that I’ve been good, then here’s a list of presents I want. Beats (the headphones) My sisters have them, a VR set. (optional) CRAZY SOCKS!!!!! (I love crazy socks BTW) Ugg boots, a Fitbit, a new school supply bag, an apple tree in the pasture, and a relaxing decorative chair for my bedroom. This is my list! The optional things are not on the top of my list.

So now you have read most of my letter, think about me, I have been pretty good this year and I made my promise for next year. I have helped a lot this year in different ways and, as I said before, I deserve at least one great present. I hope you have been good this year too. You won’t want to upset you’re believers!!


Emily Haynes,

A Good Girl 😉

(P.S. Can I have your red hat? I think it will look really good on me!)

Dear Santa Claus,

I am here to tell you that I have been good all year long… PLEASE GIVE ME PRESENTS!! I forgot to mention that I am Parker Harris. I am a 5th grade worker at William Bruce Elementary School. I am A+, B+, and C+ student.

Here are the ways that I have been good this year. I pay attention at school, I listen to my teachers, and I have never got in a fight at school before! At home I help my mom get groceries, I listen and do stuff without being told, and I don’t complain about what my mom cooks for dinner. I do EVERYTHING for my family. I listen to my friends and play with them at recess. I want you to remember EVERYTHING that I did this year. My plan for 2018 is to try my hardest to avoid getting in trouble.

I really necessarily do not have any Questions except for how long have you and Mrs. Claus been married? How old are you? How old is Mrs. Claus? And lastly are you watchin me right now at 9:54 am on November 30, 2017? Just checking!

I have about 10 things to list what I want for Christmas,

1. Money

2. Rubix Cube

3. I-phone X

4. Magic set

5. Underwear

6. Great vision

7. 999,999 dogs

8. Porshe

9. Lamborgini

10. Mansion

That would be it.

The reason I deserve to get these wonderful presents is most of the reasons I put in the 2nd paragraph plus these items are all educational based, and I will use these items for good reasons. And not just to show off and look cool.


Parker Harris.

Dear Santa,

Hello, my name is Jillian Ditmer (you probably know that). I’m hear to tell you that I have been outstandingly amazing this year. If you can’t remember, I will remind you. Even though it has been hard because of my annoying sister I have been good. I always try to be nice to everyone, and it is so fun to be nice. It is surprising!

First at school I have been the best. I listen to everything I’m told. I’m kind to everyone. Also I try to be a friend to everyone, and I succeeded. At home I’m patient when my parents are on the phone. I help with some of Jenna’s work too. I am always on task too. I always help Mom and Dad when they need something to be done. I’m always nice to my friends, even though we might fight over something so small, we work it out. Also, I treat them equally. I try to never leave someone out.

Anyways, enough about me. I have a few questions for you. How can you fly across the world in 12 hours max? That seems likely impossible. Now if that is possible, I want you to prove it. Bring me a giant teddy bear if you fly all over the world in 12 hours. Sorry I just got excited about Christmas.

Here are my top ten things I want for Christmas: 1.Giant teddy bear, 2. Hoverboard, 3. Unicorn onesie, 4. Pop socket, 5. I-pod cases, 6. A bluetooth speaker, 7. Flower crown, 8. Pink high top Converse tennis shoes, 9. Purple Converse, and 10. I-tune gift cards.

Because of everything I have done, this proves that I should get everything I want for Christmas. Even though I could go on for hours talking about how I’ve good, I won’t. Also do you remember when Sidney fell in gym, and I helped her to the nurse? That was really nice don’t you think. Well I have to go now. Bye!!!!


Jillian Ditmer

P.S. Merry Christmas! (Sorry I got overwhelmed!)

Dear Santa,

Hello my name is Jacob Deacon. And I want to tell you something I’m in 5th grade. I have to tell you this it has been hard for me to be good because I live with 5 siblings, but I have managed to be good. People ask if I have been good this year and they hear the word yes because I have been good. So I have this to tell you. And one more thing I am in Mrs. Tolliver’s class.

I get asked if I have been good in school and what I have done to be good. And this is the answer. It is I have been nice and kind and respectful to everyone. I have also been asked if I been responsible at home. My response is that I have cleaned the living room and clean the other rooms in the house.The most popular question I have been asked is if I have I been helpful to Mom and Dad. So I tell the truth! I have done the dishwasher, unloading it and loading it, and that is how I help Mom. I help my Dad by working on the garage. I am good to my friends because I play games with them and I am nice to them all the time. Santa should remember I have been respectful to my friends. The plan for next year to be responsible is to stay calm and be helpful to others.

Santa should know that he brings joy to everyone and he is the nicest. And I have a question for Santa. Do you still have Rudolph?

Here is a list of what I want for Christmas. I want a TV, ROLLER BLADES, IPAD, X-BOX1, HALO 5, JEANS, TOOLS, LEGOS, COLORED PENCILS, and COLORING BOOKS.

I deserve these gifts because I still believe in you, and I am respectful and kind to everyone! This is why I deserve all these gifts for Christmas.


Jacob Deacon

Dear Santa,

My name is William Davis. I am the one that lives in that big white house with the big dead tree in the front yard. It is knocked over now. anyway i have been very, very, very, very, very, very good this year. Sgood that you should have five nice lists filled with only my name! That’s how I have been.

Well I will tell you how I have been good. I have offered to help pay bills.I clean my room without my parents telling me to. I go and help my dad at work on Saturdays.We do this thing were you put a bag in a machine, and it shakes all the fines out, but I just call it dust. And that is how I have been good this year.

And I have questions. Why do you red I mean you look good in red but why? And how long do you and the reindeer live? Forever? And what is your favorite cookie? If someone has no chimney and the doors are locked how do you get in the house? Those are my questions.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for MY LIST so the first thing I would like is a bunch of Deadpool comics (please!) A rolex, a lambo, X-men comics, and a Nintendo Switch. And that is my Christmas list.

So that is how I have been so great.Those are the questions I so desperately needed to know. .And so I hope to hear from you soon.oh tell the reindeer I said hi



Dear Santa Claus,

Hi! I am Trevor Davis from Eaton, Ohio. In 2017 it was hard being good because of my older brother. I am not even exaggerating, he is very annoying and naughty. I do not take after him. In spite of this, I am writing this so I can receive my Christmas presents this year.

I have been marvelous this year. I have got straight A’s every quarter at school. At home I have cleaned the house and my room without being asked. I also made brownies when my parents were getting ready. I am generous to my friends because I pass them the ball in basketball and invite them to my house. You should remember that I am very polite and I have followed directions. I will be even nicer to my brother. I will give gifts and be SUPER AWESOME! (Like always)

I have a few questions for you. Is your beard soft? If it is you could rub it when you are nervous. Do you like Ohio State football? They can’t be too bad if they beat Michigan. I think you look really good in red. Like the suit. I also think you look wonderful in that fluffy beard of yours.

These are my top 10 items I want for Christmas.

1. Hoverboard I am very good at riding it

2. Fitbit I want to know how many steps I take each day.

3. Big Joe Chair I want a comfy place to sit

4. NBA 2K18 I am good at the game

5. Mini Dallas Cowboys Football Helmet Add a helmet to my collection

6. Mini Ohio State Buckeyes Football Helmet Add a helmet to my collection

7. PS4 Controller Skin (Ohio State) I have to style up my game

8. Walmart Gift card Get baseball cards and football cards

9. Target Gift Card Get some baseball and football cards.

10. Money I can get whatever I want 🙂

That is my list for Christmas. I hope you read this letter. Have a great Christmas… and a Happy New Year! Have a super summer. Eat a lot of cookies and drink a lot of milk

The Best Kid In The World,

Trevor Davis

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi, I am Brandon Couch. I have been super fabulous, it is so hard with all my sisters annoying me. Most of the time I have to stay away from them because I would get in trouble. I am probably the best acting, nicest person in my family.

This is how I have been good. First I always listen to directions. One of my many ways I am responsible at home is I always help putting up the Christmas decorations. One of my many ways of being fabulous at school is that I always turn my homework in on time and I get awesome grades. The way I am delightful to my parents is by carrying groceries and carrying things they can not carry. The way I am good to my friends is doing activities that they want to do. Santa, you should remember that I take care of my family’s Christmas tree. My plan for next year is to be nicer to my sisters and help out my family. That is how I have been good.

Here are some questions for you. Do you like living in the North Pole? Do you like watching Michigan play sports? How do you get such a good beard? Which reindeer is your favorite? These are some of my questions I have to know.

This is my Christmas list.

1. Cars 3 DVD

2. Boss Baby DVD

3. Traxxas Slash Brushed RC car

4. Puppy

5. Fitbit

6. New basketball

7. Tickets to a Cleveland Cavs game

8. New Cavs hat

9. LeBron James shirt

10. Need For Speed Payback

I am the nicest person in my family. I also am always nice to my family members. I am also respectful to my classmates and my friends. I think that I deserve to receive the most gifts in my family. I hope you do too. I hope you get this letter.

The Best Child in the World,

Brandon Couch

Dear Santa,

I have been good at school but not at home. It was very hard because I have 5 younger brothers. But I was still good. At school I helped out the teacher. At home I helped out mom by watching the baby when she cleans the house. I am good to my friends. I make them laugh. I give them things. There are two things you should know. I help with the baby, and you look good in red.

These are the things that I want for Christmas. I want a Lego tape, Legos, robot spider, bath bomb, bath slime, and football cards.

The best kid in the world.

Jesse Corwin

Dear Santa Claus,

You may already know me, but I am Peyton Bradham, a 10 year old student at William Bruce Elementary. I love your red suit by the way. So all year long I have been a sweet little perfect angel.

Do you want to know how I have been so perfect? Well, I have helped Mrs. Tolliver organize other kid’s papers and desks. I have done my work all year long. I have helped Kayla clean the whole house. I have helped Kayla do the dishes every time she has asked me to. I have helped my friends with their homework. I have helped solve their problems. I have stayed in side two days in a row to help grade papers for Mrs. Tolliver. This is my plan for being good during the new year. I will not talk unless I get called on in class. I will be nicer to everybody. I will get my homework and not forget it at school.

I have some questions if you don’t mind. How do the reindeer fly? Do the reindeer still pick on Rudolph? If you have a favorite reindeer. Who is it? How do keep those boots so shiny? How do you pull red off so well?

So now that I have told you how good I have been this are the presents you should get me. I want : a blue merle Great Dane puppy, a German Shepherd puppy, a Pomeranian puppy, more nutcrackers for my collection, shoes, clothes, an I-phone 10/X, and a blue eyed and grey furred Husky for Kayla.

Now that you have seen my requests and how responsible I have been. I will be excellent until Christmas and after and my elf on the shelf will tell you how good I have been . My elf pets will collect all my Christmas spirit.

The best kid in the world,

Peyton Bradham

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi my name is Taylor Bowles, and I have been great all this year. I have been helping my mom with work and doing dishes. I have been taking out trash and helping my sister. I think that you should give my sister a lump of coal because she always is mean to me. Also she always tells on me for no reason. But I still love my sister. Those are just some of the reasons proving that I have been all year. Most of the time, being excellent was really easy for me but it was hard sometimes.

I have been really good because I have been helping my mom with things like folding clothes, and doing dishes, and putting clothes away or towels away for her. And my sister has been helping me alot. But since I was working so hard she got me and my sister a laptop for our birthday because she hasn’t got us a present yet until now. Those are the reasons of how I have been good all year long.

Hey Santa how have you been? I have a few questions for you. How does your reindeer fly? And I also have a few compliments for you. You look good in red! You are so handsome. How is Mrs.Claus doing? Is she making you her famous cookies. And how are all of the elves doing? Those are some compliments for you.

Hey Santa, I would really appreciate you giving presents to other kids in the world. But this year I only want ten things and that is it. I want a VR system, an I-phone eight, a bike, Hatchimals, a pet, new clothes, new shoes, a guinea pig, and a soccer ball. That is all I want for Christmas. Please Santa, I beg you! Please and thank you.

I deserve these gifts because i say “please and thank you.’’ I am nice to my sister day long. I love my sister.I do all of my assignments done each day. Those are the reasons why i deserve these gifts.

The best kid in the world,

Taylor Bowles

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Johanna Blaich. This letter is to inform you about how marvelous I have been all year and what I want for Christmas. I have been great, but it has been hard for me to be because of my brother and my sisters. I know that I already told you I have been wonderful, but I want to prove it.

I have been nice by helping my bus driver by sitting with and sort of babysitting the little kids on the bus. I have been great at home by helping with the dogs and doing all of my chores and more. I have been wonderful, for my mom, dad, and my family by being patient when they are trying to figure out something. For example when they were trying to figure out colleges for all of my siblings. I am nice to my friends because I treat them equally, I help them out with stuff, and sometimes if they need help with homework, I tutor them. I help the little kids by if they need help practicing or homework. My plan to be good next year is I am going to be nicer to my siblings (even though they can get really annoying) and help my family out more.

I have some questions, okay. Do you have any dogs? Can you see if you can get me some cookies (mainly mint chocolate chunk)? Your beard looks so much like the shimmering snow on the ground. Do you have an extra sleigh that you have for just riding around on just for fun?

This is a list of some of the stuff I want for Christmas. I want a GIANT teddy bear. I want a puppy. I want fake mustaches. I want a coloring kit. I want oil pastels. I want paint. I want school supplies. I want sweatshirts. I want candy. I want presents for homeless animals. I want presents for animals in need. I want presents for my pets please. I really want to help homeless and animals in need. I want presents for homeless and in need people.

I deserve these gifts because I have been good all year. I help people a lot. I help them with homework and practicing for something. One last question. What time do you wake up on Christmas Eve? Please, please have the best 2018 year!

The most wonderful kid in the world,

Johanna Blaich

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi my name is Tanner Davis from Mrs.Tolliver’s 5th grade class. I have been good all year and have always believed that you are real. If you recognize my name, I have a Elf on the Shelf named Leo. I have a lot to tell you about how I’ve been good. And I have a list.

This is how I’ve been good. I’ve always believed you were real! I never snuck up just to see you at night. I almost always turned in homework (If not I always turn it in the next day), This summer I cleaned toilets and sinks when my mom asked me to. Whenever mom says to clean my room, I do. I’ve never been on the naughty list in my life, and I have always laid out cookies for you. Those are the reasons why I’m good.

I also have a lot of questions. Are you real?, I mean I believe you are real ,but some people say that parents sneak up at night and put presents under the tree, but I don’t believe that. How old are you? You’ve been doing this a long time I suppose. How many cookies do you eat? It must be a lot because you eat cookies from all across the world in one night.

This is what I want for Christmas. I want a Cozmo, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Tapu Ko Ko tin, Super Marvel Heros 2 X-Box1, Super Smash Bros DS, $50.00 GameStop gift card, Necrazma tin, Mecanoo Max,Team Skull Pokemon box, a remote control R2 D2, and a small size TV . That is what I want for Christmas.

Please put me on the nice list this year Santa. My plan for next year is to listen to Mom, be nicer, and turn in homework on time. Have happy and Merry Christmas.


Tanner Davis