Henning announces HD43 bid

R-H Staff

CLAYTON — Clayton resident Kenny Henning recently announced his bid to replace Rep. Jeff Rezabek as State Representative for Ohio’s 43rd District, which includes Preble County.

Henning released the following statement this week:

“I am excited to announce my candidacy to become our next State Representative for Ohio’s 43​rd​ House District! Over the past 4 years, Rep. Jeff Rezabek and I have worked very hard for Ohio’s 43​rd​ House District, from Clayton to New Paris to Trotwood to Gratis to Lewisburg to Harrison Township to Camden — the list goes on and on. We have spent many evenings helping students, spent many evenings with our senior citizen community during activity nights, rode with various police departments trying to understand how better legislation could keep our community safer, supported many local Chamber of Commerce events, and advocated for our agricultural community when Columbus was slow to listen.

“This new campaign started with obtaining 52-plus endorsements from many of our local House District 43 community leaders. Our community leaders understand the importance of effective leadership in Columbus and know I am the candidate that will work tirelessly to win this district seat for us. Our house district includes all of Preble County and portions of Montgomery County. With 120,000 individuals in the district, laying out the groundwork to reach as many neighbors as possible started immediately. Our team and I am ready to knock on 30,000-plus doors in 2018, attend many community events-and engage with citizens, make 7,500 phone calls, and work to ensure the representative for this seat understands the complexities of the office.

“Over the next few weeks, I plan to present the ‘Henning for HD43’ plan that addresses concerns of Ohio’s: senior citizens, agricultural community, state funding cuts to local governments, and state overreach to local schools. I have collaborated with mentors in various professional fields that have helped shape a plan you will be proud to support!

“Having been an educator for 5 years with Northmont City Schools, I understand that Common Core must be eliminated from our curriculum standards. Being a two-term Clayton City Council Member, I understand that Ohio must bring back local government funding so your local representatives can maintain our hometowns. Columbus should not be determining how your tax dollars are being spent in your community and I will continue to work with Ohio’s Municipal League to see that rural townships and cities are not overlooked any longer.

“Having two parents that are in approaching retirement age and still working full time with no set retirement date able to be discussed, I will always advocate for our aging and senior citizens. As a representative to Clayton’s farmers, I advocated for a more fair CAUV code when Columbus was slow to act. As an Ohio CCW holder, I will stand firm to support our Second Amendment. As a lifelong parish member at Precious Blood Church, I will stand firm to protect and advocate for the unborn.

“As a graduate from The University of Dayton; I understand Ohio’s laws, public administration, increasing local economic development, and I understand what needs to done to keep our communities safe. During my two terms on Clayton City Council, my record has been to advocate against harmful legislation to our citizens and community. I’ve stood up for property owners’ rights and have made sure Clayton operates in the most efficient and fiscally wise manner.

“I hope to earn your support in the upcoming months, promote a plan to unify our district, and I hope to earn prayers from you immediately. We are ready to keep rolling full steam to November 2018.

For additional information, email KennethCHenning@gmail.com or call 937-684-6649. Henning can be found on Facebook/Twitter: @KennethCHenning.

R-H Staff