Lewisburg: 200 years in the making

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LEWISBURG — Water powered grist and sawmills were important factors in the lives of our pioneers. They were the business, social centers and unofficial post offices of the area where one could get the latest news.

The first mail was brought up from Hamilton by anyone who happened to be coming this way, then it was left at some trading post or mill until the person for whom it was intended came there on some errand. Outgoing mail was just as haphazard, since there were no such things as postage stamps prior to 1847, cash for postage had to accompany the letter until it arrived at the post office.

The course of Twin Creek has changed through the years. Once it swept westward in a wide curve that touched the S.E. corner of our community park. This is where Henry Horn built his log dam and log mill; powered by an undershot wheel. The log mill burned in 1824 and on Dec. 24, 1824 Horn bought six acres in Section 34 from Joseph Singer for $50 and built a three story frame mill powered by a water turbine.

The mill had several owners, Philip Hinkle, William Bowers, Perry Turner and Elkanah Crider to name a few. On April 6, 1924, 99 years after it was built the mill burned to the ground. Efforts had been made since then to re-establish the mill but today on the mill site are apartments and behind the old mill residence was the Lewisburg Ready-Mix Concrete Company. This is now the Depot Lane area.

Please join us for an afternoon or evening with the 16th President of the United States. Impersonator Danny Russel will be performing two shows at the Lewisburg Community Center, 261 E. Clay St., on Saturday, Feb. 17. The first show will be at 3 p.m. and the second show at 7 p.m.

Both shows are free to the public, but you must have a ticket to get in. Tickets can be picked up at the Lewisburg Village Office or The Bicentennial Storefront.

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Lewisburg Bicentennial Committee