Lewisburg: 200 years in the making

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LEWISBURG — Construction of the great National Road was approaching our area in the late 1830’s. It veered slightly north at Twin Creek to avoid crossing Philip Hinkle’s mill pond. The route led through the Frederic Black farm and Black’s heirs hired county surveyor, John Mumma to protect their interests.

Mumma bought the Black farm and laid out a village plat of 190 lots along the proposed route of the National Road. Mumma named the village Euphemia after Mrs. Mumma’s first name. On April 6, 1916 Euphemia was annexed to Lewisburg.

In 1853 the Dayton & Western Railway built a depot two miles north of Euphemia and Lewisburg and named it Sonora. Three years later Hiram McNutt laid out a small town plat by the same name, Sonora, on his farm near the depot.

A post office was established in 1860 and the name was changed to West Sonora. The railway route was originally planned to run through either Lewisburg or Euphemia but the rivalry between the two villages was so intense that enough ground for a right of way could not be obtained. The Mackinaw Railway was built through Lewisburg thirty years later.

Verona was the third village to be platted in Harrison Township. The Greenville & Miami Railway was being constructed at that time and the depot was located farther to the northwest on higher ground. Preble countians, J. Karr, R. Calhoun, Reed and Leisure laid out a village of fifty-three lots surrounding the depot and named it Verona on June 21, 1853.

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