Lewisburg: 200 years in the making

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LEWISBURG — The Ordinance of 1787 for the Northwest Territory provided some help for public schools in that region by stating that revenues from leasing or selling the ground in Section 16 in each township were to be used for school purposes only. Unfortunately it rendered little help to the earliest schools which ended up being financed by interested parents and others. These schools were considered private schools and the idea that education was for the well to do was well founded.

As soon as the log Union Church was completed in 1815, school was taught there and continued until the early 1840’s. After the war of 1812 two log schools were built side by side in Section 15 in Harrison Township near Miller’s Fork Rd. One was a German school and one was an English school. There was also a German and English school in Section 34 taught by Jacob and Samuel Kesler. Another school was started along Miller’s Fork Rd. in Section 14. Another school was started by the Marble Cliff Quarries (now known as the Haunted Caves) and taught by Miss Mary Sheets which was out of the ordinary for that time. Lewisburg also had a lady teacher, Miss Lucy Walker, who conducted a subscription school at 224 N. Commerce St.

In 1826 a vote of 209 “householders” divided Harrison Township into 5 school districts. This caused dissention among the “householders” who were reluctant to give up their current school, unite with another district and lose some authority. In 1963 all schools in Harrison, Twin and Lanier Townships were combined into the Twin Valley School District. In 1983 a referenda was passed to dissolve the Twin Valley School District, establishing the new Tri-County North School District. Ground breaking ceremonies took place on July 17, 1988 and the new K – 12 school opened August 26, 1990.

The Hometown Heroes flag dedication took place on May 27, along with a Memorial Day Parade. If you haven’t had a chance to see our “Hometown Heroes”, drive by or take a stroll down Commerce, Main, Chestnut and Clay streets and also along Route 40, to see these beautiful flags. Flags will be on display through Veterans Day.

Join the Lewisburg community on Sunday, June 10, for an Ice Cream Social and Car Show beginning at noon at the TCN Community Association.

Next up: Ice Cream Social, Car Show June 10

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Lewisburg Bicentennial Committee