Camden recycling bins to be monitored

By Kelsey Kimbler -

CAMDEN — Preble County Solid Waste District (PCSWD) Assistant Director Beth Wright attended the Village of Camden’s council meeting on Thursday, July 19, to provide an update on the ongoing illegal dumping issue in the county.

In addition to the curbside recycling in Eaton, Lakengren, and Lewisburg, there are public recycling locations throughout the county. Unfortunately, instead of dumping recycling items in the bins, people have been dumping trash, including concrete, costing PCSWD $800 not accounted for in the budget.

Due to this cost, PCSWD in conjunction with the Preble County Commissioners, have begun to consider possible action, including monitoring the sites, leading to prosecution or removing the public bins altogether.

Public recycling drop off locations include: Eaton Fire Station #2 located at 391 West Lexington Road, 140 East Mill Street in Eldorado, 290 High Street in College Corner, National Trail High School, 134 Western Avenue in Lewisburg, Village of Camden Service Garage located at 7760 N. Main Street, Robert’s Farm Equipment located in Morning Sun at 11377 Ohio 177, PJ’s Place in West Elkton at 123 Camden Avenue, Farmer’s Market located at 4269 Ohio 732, 100 West Main Street in Verona, and 100 Education Drive in West Alexandria.

Recyclables may also be dropped off at the Preble County Landfill during regular landfill hours. Items do not have to be separated — everything goes into the same collection bin.

The following items are recyclable: paper (try to bag or bundle paper to minimize the possibilities of litter), empty envelopes, glossy inserts, flyers, magazines, newspaper, phone books, catalogs, computer paper, construction paper, plastic (labels do not need to be removed, rinse if possible), number one and two plastics, pop bottles, milk jugs, detergent containers, shampoo bottles, cardboard, cereal boxes, toaster pastry boxes, appliance boxes, empty paper towel rolls, corrugated boxes (any size — no pizza boxes and no boxes with food or grease,) cans (labels do not need to be removed, rinse if possible), steel and aluminum cans, steel and tin food cans, aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, no metal coat hangers and no paint cans, glass (labels do not need to be removed, rinse if possible), clear, green, and brown bottles and jars, no lids, no windows, no light bulbs, no broken glass, and food and beverage cartons such as milk, juice, soup, broth, and wine.

“We have been having issues in [Camden] and all over the county. [The Commissioners and PCSWD] came up with a plan to monitor the bins and we have various strategies going on throughout the county right now,” Wright explained. “As of the next couple of months we’re going to be losing all the public drop offs from Eldorado and also Verona.

“I would love to keep our containers here in Camden. This is a large population and I think it is very beneficial to the village. I have talked with the maintenance people there and they have said they have had issues where the Rumpke driver will pull out non-recyclables and leave them in the drive way. I’ll come and monitor and pick them up, but sometimes people have also been dumping into the garbage cans.

“It was brought to my attention there is a security camera on site. I asked if it was operable and the maintenance crew said it was not, because of a money issue paying for internet. I discussed the possibility for PCSWD paying for internet service so the maintenance people would have access to the video, as well as PCSWD to work towards curbing the illegal dumping issue.”

Wright added, they will be placing a sign that states offenders can be prosecuted. Council member Deborah Hickman noted, many people may not know which is recycling and what is recyclable. Wright responded, it is stated on the side of of the bin and typically the recycling bins are green, with the trash bins brown.

Council approved Wright’s request to pay for internet service, but stated they would want a contract with PCSWD.

By Kelsey Kimbler

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH

Reach Kelsey Kimbler at 937-683-4061 or on Twitter @KKimbler_RH