Greenhand Lock-in held at NT


NEW PARIS — On Aug. 31, the National Trail MVCTC FFA Chapter held its 5th Annual Greenhand Lock-in.

The Greenhand Lock-in is when first-year FFA members show up to have a fun, yet informative night with other FFA members.

There was a total of 59 Greenhand members, the National Trail MVCTC FFA officer team, two FFA advisors, three state FFA officers, and a guest speaker. The three state officers present were; state vice-president at large Tyler Zimpfer, state sentinel- Mallary Caudill, and state vice-president Holly McClay.

The guest speak was Katie Hiltbrand.

As the night began, the chapter officers split up the greenhand members and played a few name games. The games included, “name noodle,” and “I want to know someone who…” As the officers got to know the greenhand members a little more; a since of bonding formed between not only the members, but the state and chapter officers.

When the games were finished the state officers split the students up into three groups based on how they felt personality wise, on whether they were a banana, an orange, or an apple. After each state officer had his or her groups, they conducted their activities. Each individual officer provided the students with different activities, using these activities the officers learned more about the students. Once the state officer activities were completed, guest speaker Katie Hiltbrand shared her story with all the FFA Members that were present.

The next morning at 7 a.m. the Greenhand Lock-in had came to an end with Mr. and Mrs. Kennel and two chaperones preparing bacon and eggs for all the members in attendance.