Jeff Centers thanks Preble County residents for passing of levy

By Austin Schmidt -

EATON —Head of Children Services in Preble County Jeff Centers expressed thanks to the residents of Preble County for their support of Issue 28, a .6-mill replacement levy voters passed on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The Children Services issue was accepted with 56 percent voting in favor of the replacement levy.

Centers said his department was obviously happy with the results.

“Were very grateful,” he said. “Very thankful because it shows that we have a lot of community support here — it shows folks recognize the importance of supporting kids who really need help.”

The levy will not increase the percentage of taxes being applied, but will however adjust property values used for the levy to today’s current figures. The previous levy used property values established in 1982 and it will raise costs from $7 per $100,000 of property owned to $21/$100,000 per year.

Centers also noted his department will continue to search for the most effective placement for children. “Now that we have this levy and the funds that come with it, it doesn’t mean we are going to stop working to keep kids in their homes or the best setting we can find for them,” he said.

He continued by reminding residents the money brought in by the replacement levy will only be used for children and the placement of them.

“All the money goes back to support kids, 100 percent,” he said. “It is not used for any salaries, buildings or administrative purposes at all.”

Centers also noted Preble County was one of eight counties to pass a children services levy within the state. Three renewals were passed statewide as well as three replacement’s, a new levy and an additional levy across the state.

Centers continued by saying receiving positive feedback from the community is a morale boost. “I think it validates that we are doing a good job here,” he said. “We’re doing what we’re supposed to do to take care of kids. But we’re not alone, it takes the community to support us in that. We can’t do it by ourselves so to have them support us is overwhelming.”

Children Services is set to have another levy expire in 2017, but according to Centers they have yet to make a determination as to the action they will take for that levy.

By Austin Schmidt

Reach Austin Schmidt at 937-683-4062

or on Twitter at aschmidt_RH

Reach Austin Schmidt at 937-683-4062

or on Twitter at aschmidt_RH