Point-in-time count set; training planned

R-H Staff

PREBLE COUNTY — How many people are currently homeless in the United States? How many of them are families, youth, or veterans?

The answers to those questions and more can be answered by point-in-time counts.

A point-in-time count is an unduplicated count on a single night of the people in a community who are experiencing homelessness, including both sheltered and unsheltered populations.

The annual point-in-time count for Preble County will be held on Jan. 22-23, 2019, from 8 p.m. A training for those interested in volunteering that evening is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 11 a.m., at the Preble County District Library, 450 S. Barron St., Eaton. For more information, contact Toni Morgan at the HIT Foundation, 937-472-0500 Ext. 405 or email toni@hitfoundation.org.

R-H Staff