Village of Camden council solicits bids, considers shed ordinance

By Anthony Baker -

CAMDEN — Controversy erupted over a sealed bid for purchase of a piece of excavating equipment at the Village of Camden’s semi-monthly council meeting Thursday.

Council members voted to accept a $7,400.01 bid from Tom and Tammy Doyle for purchase of a backhoe owned by the village. A $7,010 bid from Cody Truster was rejected. This drew objections, however, because Truster’s bid was accidentally opened by a city employee prior to the meeting after being placed in the wrong dropbox and incorrectly labeled. Doyle is the father of a Camden village employee, while a family member of Truster is married to the mayor’s niece.

As a result of the confusion, council members rescinded the motion accepting the Doyles’ bid. Bids will be resubmitted in time for the village’s next council meeting May 16.

Council member Kelly Doran proposed an ordinance regarding sheds: specifically, how many sheds residents can have on their property and how the village chooses to define a shed. According to village fiscal officer Becky Wilson, residents have begun storing items in tents with tarps thrown over them.

“It looks bad because the tarps eventually get tattered and torn,” Wilson said. “It’s not appealing to the eye, is what council is saying.”

Finally, village resident Craig Doty asked the council for approval to sell a lot behind his property at 532 West Central Avenue to a neighbor. The county requires approval from the municipality before releasing the deed for a property. Doty’s request was approved by the council.

By Anthony Baker