Ohio House passes Ohio Clean Air Bill


COLUMBUS — State Representative J. Todd Smith (R-Farmersville) last week voted in support of House Bill 6. This legislation that will reduce Ohioans’ electric bills while protecting Ohio jobs and the state’s energy security.

“I am glad to support H.B. 6 as a major step to improving Ohio’s energy portfolio, lowering consumer costs, and saving several thousand jobs here in the Buckeye State,” Rep. Smith said. “I congratulate the bill’s sponsors and House leadership for their work hammering out the details on H.B. 6 to make it quality and comprehensive legislation to address Ohio’s energy policy.”

House Bill 6 would repeal Ohio’s failed, expensive, and outdated renewable energy and energy efficiency mandates, which cost Ohioans $340 million annually. In its place would be a lower flat charge. Residential ratepayers would save approximately $3.68 monthly under the plan.

The legislation would also support Ohio’s zero-carbon energy portfolio and protect Ohio jobs through the Ohio Clean Air Program. The initiative would provide a $9 per megawatt hour credit for nuclear and large scale energy generated in Ohio. The program would sunset at the end of 2026. The program would be audited annually by an unaffiliated and independent third party.

The plan would allow the state’s two nuclear plants to continue operating. Combined, they generate 15 percent of Ohio’s electricity, including 90 percent of its zero-carbon energy. More than 4,000 jobs are tied to the plants.

Other provisions in the bill include language permitting industrial users to expand onsite renewable generation.

The bill now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.